Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sikkim, my serene Sikkim

Shital Pradhan

Sometime I wonder, around the belt I sleep,
The wonderful thoughts and off course the beauty,
I believe, I am fortunate ever,
Fortunate ever to be born,
Born in this serene part of land,
Sikkim, my serene Sikkim.

The best part of it,
Simplicity lies in every heart,
Eagerness and handwork the synonym,
Every child stores a dream,
Dream to make big, shoves off.
Among the crowd there is me,
Mine heart that beats for my Sikkim.

Monastery, green fields and mountains,
That is my Sikkim.
My identification and my reality,
Better off and still on realm,
My Sikkim, my serene Sikkim.

Land of beautiful flowers,
The ocean of fauna,
Here I find, heaven’s pleasure,
All the way I sing, I plight for myself.
I love my Sikkim...
Sikkim, my serene Sikkim.