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Friday, October 31, 2008

How i became a blogger?


I am sure there are thousands of readers worldwide who reads this article of mine and yet we do not know each other. One of the primary reasons to start a blog was to reach to the furthest of the poles. I want to make new friends share and learn different cultures and traditions but could be that i am not able to connect my way of writings to their thoughts. When I had newly joined Weekend Review as a newspaper reporter sometimes back in 2003 my mentor Mr. Sujit Chakraborty used to tell me. "When you write an article, do make it a point to write it in that way in which you like to read.” The same theory had been with me since then, whenever i write an article I keep in mind it should be the easiest even the layman could never had any difficulty reading it.

Today i want to share few of my secrets about the world of blogging. I had been surfing web pages since 2001 and it took me more than five years to start my blog. I here want to mention a name of one person that has some way or the other influenced me to take different roles.

I am thankful to Saran Chamling of fame. It was Saran who made me feel i had to start my own personal blog that would help me discover whatever material i want to publish. I had seen Sikkimonline grow from a mere 6 members to 1338 till this time, I am a regular member at it and really enjoy being there. I never know when moments pass while surfing down the pages. Sikkimonline has given me nice friends in Saran, Vicky Palzor, Nirmal, Arnav, Rinchen and many more. I would love to mention how a blogging idea gave birth within me. I am interested in accumulating news across the web related to Sikkim and during pre-blogging days i would post it at Sikkimonline.

I was always looking for a place where people like me can find every Sikkim related news at one place but one day i got to know that the administrator of Sikkimonline had reduced the word limit of the news article. I was surprised and just an idea clicked at my small side of my big head, why not come with a blog on Sikkim news...thus my blog was born. During those days Indian Idol 3 was a craze and Prashant Tamang was emerging as a Nepali icon. I wanted to record every news of Prashant and another blog too got started. The blog on Prashant Tamang was; today this blog has over 41650 clicks.

I would accumulate Sikkim news from other sources and post it in my blog, this started for over a year. By now i was feeling bore. At this moment it was again in one of the discussion at Sikkimonline, he pointed about the importance of the original content of the blog. It made impact on me. I had been associated with local newspapers and magazines of the Hills since 2003 and i began to feel why i am not being myself. The meaning of blogging for me had then changed; the articles i have been posting in recent times are well researched and posted. Many more wonderful articles on Sikkim history are in the pipelines. Just to mention few titles; the first map of Sikkim, the legend of Kavi, Pendem Garhi and its surmise, Mystery beyond Daramdin ladder story and others.

I do not know in days to come how many blog shall come from me but i shall ever remain thankful towards Saran for shoving me the way. Apart from this Saran is also my Internet Guru; he is there whenever i am in trouble. Thanks buddy, thanks for everything!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Sikkim's Governor's Gold Cup ticket collection

Collecting memorabilia of the past related to Sikkim is one of my hobby. One such collection is of All India Governor's Gold Cup football tournament's entry tickets, played at Palzor Stadium, Gangtok. I have just handful of tickets yet i feel nice of this collection.




Monday, October 27, 2008

Explore Sikkim on World Wide Web

By Mohd.Maqsood Alam
B.Tech (Civil Engg)
Singtam, Sikkim.
The explosive growth of the Internet and the World Wide Web has made possible an abundance of information resources online. A web site can generate awareness among every individual and provide a worldwide online information store.
With the World Wide Web, you can share and distribute various announcements and information to the millions of users in a timely manner. Because there is virtually no time lag from the time it takes to publish information to making the information available to the users, the Web is an ideal medium to publicize announcements and the information resources. As more people discover the virtues of the Web and get connected to the Internet, the Web will become the medium of choice for many organizations and individuals. When information is added to a Web site, it's immediately available for browsing by millions of Internet users. The World Wide Web is an ideal medium of information distribution because it takes away the time lag associated with publishing content and actually making it available to the users.

You can also use Web site to provide technical support to users. Because Web pages can be updated immediately with new information, various technical support literature can be immediately modified in light of new findings and developments. This can be accomplished without having to distribute changes to all users affected by any changes using traditional mediums of information distribution, which are often quite costly compared to the World Wide Web.

Sikkim is only state in India which has more than 50 official websites of its state for its individual department; some of them are still under construction. Now you can Explore Sikkim and can update all the information you need. So Let us be united for the welfare and the development of our State.
Lots of thanks and regards to the Honorable Government, National Informatics Center, Travel Agencies and Local Daily for Exploring Sikkim on World Wide Web and connecting it with the world of Technology.



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