Monday, October 06, 2008

Phulpati in Singtam, Sikkim (2008)

The seventh day of dushera is known as Saptami and also the day of Phulpati. Till this day actually the Devi had not arrived to the puja ghar, only the religious texts are recited.

It is on this day of Pulphati that the Devi is invited. This day is celebrated with full merry and large number of devotee gathers and follows the long procession. People in traditional dresses and costumes carry out the flowers and the kalash. Everyone dances all the way through the road chanting religious hymns. While moving along the marketplace they stoop at one place where they assume that the Devi has arrived in their flowers. The flowers are then worshiped and the water and rice grains are sprinkled. The procession is then taken back and the Devi is placed on the puja ghar.