Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How is my new template?

Since yesterday i was having trouble with the types of template i tried to fit my choice. After more than 15 odd templates (well i tried all of them from single template to 2 and 3 column templates) finally i settle with the one that i am writing now. Believe me that puppy is not mine and i hope to replace it with other photograph. I had been using the old template for some time and i wanted to entertain my readers with a different feel too. Hope you people like it.

When i started blogging i had read many blogs where majority of the blogger had written their personal accounts but when i compare it to mine, i had tried my best to share my limited knowledge about Sikkim with others. I believe more i share more i learn about it.

The best example of it was the story of AC3PT, when i first published its story i never thought i would find many takers for it but behind it i never realized there was two other call sign that had been activated from Sikkim. One of them was used by Rajesh Verma with his call sign VU2RVM. I wanted to contact Rajesh Sir for long time and i am happy i finally did. The other one was the post comments from Dipak from Mumbai who added that there was Patrick Pugh from Sikkim- that had a call sign VU3PAT.

I am sure in days to come we together shall come with many more surprises and thrilling information about our Sikkim.