Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sipup!! does any one know about this?


Well, Singtam Juice factory as we popularly call Government Fruit Preservation Factory is in a walking distance from my home. I remember we used to play football at it's small ground along the premises during my schooling days. But this is two decade back, one of my dear friend Sandeep Thatal who was once posted in Kargil used to say about the pride of being from Singtam when he came to Know that the Sikkim Supreme Orange Squash was being distributed among the Indian Army across India. Sandeep would show the manufacturing label of the bottle of the Orange Squash to his friends and say this is from my hometown. I can understand how it feels just to see the name of Singtam or simply the name Sikkim when you are far from your place. Now Sandeep is posted somewhere in Rajasthan and i had never got a chance to exchange words whether he had found anything related to Sikkim out there!!

Coming back to Singtam Juice Factory, i was once on a visit to Tashi's house, an old friend of mine there upon i came across a strange "drink opener" the first word that came from my mouth "ambo". It was an old promotional cold drinks opener that had a name Sipup markted from Singtam Juice Factory. The name was new to me. Well....Sipup!! does any one know about this?