Tuesday, December 30, 2008

From Sikkim Happy New Year to all

New Year and everyone remembers collecting New Year cards for their loved ones. In my case it is a different story, i do not recall when did i last received my new year card. Could be four years..or five years back or before....i believe over the years my loved ones had found it difficult to contact me so i better give my address to them.

Shital Pradhan
C/O Ganga Niwas
Shantinagar, Singtam

I hope to expect at least few cards and i wish to thank my friends in advance...

Sikkim is better known for its scenic and unparalleled beauty. We the people of Sikkim believe in peace and harmony. So, for the entire world spread the message

"Tourism for world peace"


Monday, December 29, 2008

Press Release from SIKKIM UNIVERSITY


(A Central University established by an Act of Parliament of India 2007)

Sikkim University is holding a press conference on Tuesday the 30th December, 2008 at The Royal Plaza, Syari, Sikkim at 2.30 pm to announce the publication of the result of the First Semester Undergraduate Examination 2008-09, for the nine affiliated colleges of Sikkim University.

The examination in these colleges began on 1st December, 2008 and ended on the 10th December, 2008.

Sikkim University is declaring the results in a record time of 20 days.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 : Twelve months and twelve news


-->This is a list of twelve news that i felt was the highlight of the year. It was not easy to pick up single news from each month but if my fellow readers help me to make another list of events that was missed i am sure it would be a nice idea.

January : 10-kg radish grown in Sikkim

February : The Best Tourism Performing State

March : 1st International Flower Show concludes

April : Bhaichung Bhutia a hero for Tibetans

May : Prashant Rasaily loses in the finals of Gateway Acclaimed director Anurag Basu presents the young filmmaker from Sikkim with a Bollywood script

June : Rousing homecoming reception for the Everesters


August : Gompa Dara Lake in West Sikkim disappearsLake disappearance in Uttarey leaves villagers baffled

September: Sikkim closes for a day in support of their CM

October : Nepal boys won Governor's Gold Cup but Army wins heart

November: Those early man tools found in Sikkim!

December: Sikkim mourn as former princess passes away

First lottery draw in Sikkim

The first lottery draw in Sikkim was held on 4th of April 1972, where the first prize was the amount of 1,00,000 and an ambassador vehicle while the second prize was awarded to two winners, the amount of 10,000 and an air trip from India to America.

The winner of the first lottery draw, Mr Ranchodbhai Nathabhai Parmar was handed over the prize money by the Maharajkumari of Sikkim in presence of Executive Councilors and other officials from Sikkim and India. Mr Ranchodbhai Nathabhai Parmar was a resident of Baroda in the state of Gujarat in India.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Darjeeling rare old postcards on sell at ebay

I hear people are earning enough from eBay but i find myself fortunate towards ebay....at-least i had that opportunity to come across those photographs. These old and rare photographs clicked during the British era catch old the picture of then Darjeeling. I share with you all these postcards.

Over view of Darjeeling -1

Men carrying a British Mem in Dandy

Over view of Darjeeling Hills-2

Darjeeling 200 years ago
Darjeeling market