Monday, February 16, 2009

KAPIL THAPA with Kapil Thapa Fan Club at Delhi

KAPIL THAPA with Kapil Thapa Fan Club at Delhi

Pictured shared by Bishal Rai 'Kirath'


'History repeats itself once as a Tragedy and Second Time as a Farce"

The ultimate re-union of Gorkhas once again in a quest for an identity was dealt with severe torture, hard work, dedication and perseverance.

The integration of Gorkhas dates back to 1835 AD but time and again it failed as a result of catechism.

Thus! in an age of realization an age of Mc Donald and Coke drove all our young Gorkhas into a world of Modernization and of-course into the threshold of a corporate world. By virtue of being a Gorkhas we live as Gorkhas world-wide.

The world of Gorkhas was never invaded neither it was conquered and in future no will date of doing so. Alexander 'The Great' failed, Napoleon III had a signatory agreement, Hitler had all the praises and Joseph Stalin paid the homage not forgetting the British were always in good relation with the Gorkhas.

In the history books Afghanistan, was under the Gorkha control, China was, Burma was the whole of world was, but today when the euphoria of the after-math of Indian- Idol creeps in. The Gorkhas must unite once again. No one will come for unification but as a whole the community must stand by the side of, the Gorkhas.

Kapil Thapa the 'Gorkha' army men will rule and will have to win. We are the conquerors and we will rule again this time once again in the form of a melancholic tune so soothing in the heart of a million Gorkhas world wide. Gorkhas Came! Gorkhas Saw! and the Gorkhas will conquer once again.

Furthermore, to mobilize the cause – Kapil Fan Club, Delhi was formed on Maghay Sangrati, January 14, 2009.

The executive body members are:

Y.K. Shrestha, President

Robert Tamang, Vice President

Deep Lama, Secretary,

Vishal Kirat Rai, Media and Publicity

Nelson Pradhan, Co-ordinator

Kamal Prahdan, Co-ordinator

The Executive body has requested people from every walk of life to support the generous cause.

Also, Kapil Fan Club, Delhi would like to thank Ms. Jyoti Thapa Mani, for her support.

For further details : please contact :