Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chandra Dramatic Club at Rhenock

My 80 plus grandfather still manages to hold on his profession of clicking photographs at Rongli, a small hamlet in East Sikkim. He had been pursuing this job for the last 50 years and little did i knew in my childhood that the bundles of old photographs that he had in one of the polythene bags kept at roof of the house would be of importance some decades later. I feel very sorry for myself that as a child along with my other cousin brothers we would take those photograph and cut them along the edges, just for fun. In that way i must have destroyed many valuable old moments.

Ever since my love with Sikkim history grew i had always given soft hands to those old photographs shot in and around Sikkim. Some few years back while surfing down the room of my grandfather i found couple of old photographs of my interest. One of them is the one i am publishing now, this photograph is clicked at Rhenock at Chandra Nursery. The banner in the photograph shows Chandra Dramatic Club, Rhenock which has caught my fantasy. I had gone through the old people in Rhenock and Rongli but i never heard anyone talk about that Dramatic Club. So i believe the club must had been formed during the Dushera festival or at Dipawali festival. In this part of the regions during this two festivals there are traditions of observing festivals with coulourful environment.