Monday, March 09, 2009

My daughter goes to school from today...

My daughter Sristikaa Pradhan

My daughter, Sristikaa Pradhan started off her academic session from today. She has been admitted to King George Academy at Singtam. Last Saturday, i had visited the school and filled up the admission forms. I could not realise how soon the years pass by, it was as if yesterday i would carry her at my arm and today she started going to school. I was worried she would cry her heart at her first day but to my and Seema's surprise she didn't cry as told by her teacher. She was rather surprised with other student wailing and she just kept starring up. In the morning i took few snaps of her first day to school on her school uniforms, as i too have my photograph of my first day at school more than two and half decade back.

In the morning there was a funny incident out at school, one of the teacher told my daughter " Say, Good Morning Miss!!", my daughter instantly did not replied back but little later when the teacher repeated her words my daughter in her small voice replied back " Say, Good Morning Miss!!" and we all laughed.

Can u see the school bag!!

Yesterday another interesting thing happened at home, last Saturday i had brought the books and copies from the school and since late noon i was looking for those books and copies to cover them up but i was not getting it, so i decided to inquire my wife about those things and she smiled and told me she had kept the school bag along with the books and copies at our mandir room. I could not help myself from smiling...Sweet ni hai!!