Sunday, March 22, 2009

Praja Pradhan from Sikkim accomplish the world’s highest Canyon Swing

He wanted to win over his fear; he wanted some excitement out of his simple life for which he never minded taking his body to its limit. He succeeded in performing at the highest when he needed for himself the most. In simple word he told, I wanted to make Sikkim proud and I wanted to prove my existence among my people. An attraction towards adventure sports in the entire world is more than an obsession these days. Among those obsessed with the prime thought of achieving the impossible and making history is a young man from Nazitam-Martam, East Sikkim. Meet Praja Pradhan, still in his early twenties and he never stops dreaming the impossible.

March 4, 2009 hold special place for Praja Pradhan, on this day he accomplished something that is rarely heard in the state of Sikkim. Praja Pradhan completed the Canyon Swing from the world’s highest giant swing from the height of 160 metre over Bhote Kosi River, one of the Nepal’s widest known rivers. He wanted to perform this act from the Singshore bridge of Sikkim but he came to know that the bungee jumping is yet to be set up. So when he heard that the world’s highest Canyon Swing is in Nepal, he just prepared himself to jump from the highest. Out there he was told by the officials that he is the first person from Sikkim to jump from it.

The Last Resort known among the adventure lovers across the globe for Canyon Swing and Bungy Jump is the ultimate destination for those adventure maniacs. For Canyon Swing on a specially built platform 160m above the spectacular Bhote Kosi River one is fully tied and attached to two independent ropes which each have a breaking strain of 2.8 tons. Canyon Swing is more like bungee jump only with a longer freefall.

Praja Pradhan is an upcoming young acting talent from Sikkim; he had done few Nepali Films from Nepal and Sikkim that includes Mission Nepal, Dosi Bancharo and Janma Bhumi which are just to be released. His performance in two music videos last winter in for the album Yeshu Timro Prem had received warm response.