Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Press Release from Sikkim University

Sikkim University condemns the act of violence and vandalism at the Sikkim University administrative complex by the leaders of the Student Representative Council of Sikkim Government, Tadong on the evening of 28th March, 2009. This act of violence was carried out by students who are not even students of Sikkim University. They are the second and third year students and are enrolled with the North Bengal University.

This act of violence was carried out late in the evening of 28th March, 2009, even after the first year (2nd semester) students of Sikkim University had accepted the solution generously proposed by Sikkim University to accommodate the students who had failed even after the large scale reevaluation that was carried out by the University. The failed students were allowed to carry on in the second semester and they have been given the benefit of “zero semester” (one time) as a special case. They have been allowed to write the 1st semester examination once again at the end of the course of Six semesters. This means these students who have failed in the first semester examination (July-December 2008) could complete their graduation by doing an extra semester (July-December 2011).

These failed students would have been out of the college system but for the provision of Zero Semester that was invoked by the Vice Chancellor as a one time concession.

The provision of Zero semester has been put in the University statutes and ordinances to help any student who is genuinely affected by any unforeseen situation like the loss of any kith and kin and any other critical medical contingencies.

This solution was brought about in the presence of the representatives of Government of Sikkim, the Principal and the Dean of Sikkim Government College, Tadong and senior police officials on 28th March, 2009 at The Sikkim Retreat, where the second meeting of the Executive Council of Sikkim University had just concluded. The first year students of Sikkim University who were on agitation had agreed to this solution.

It is pertinent to note that Sikkim University has been very accommodating to the demands of the first Semester students who have failed. In the previous round of meeting held on 21st February, 2009, Sikkim University conceded to all their demands including enlarging the scope of re-evaluation to cover mid-semester, term papers and end semester examinations. The fees for reevaluation had also been reduced.

No where is it seen that students go on a rampage demanding that the failed students be promoted wholesale to the next class.

Sikkim University feels that the only permanent solution to such a problem is that the students take their studies seriously, attend the classes regularly and write their examination with due preparations. Sikkim University has introduced a liberal system of continuous and total internal evaluation wherein the teaching, setting question papers and evaluations are all done by their respective teachers. This is a system which allows and encourages the students to grow in every aspect of students’ life. With the compulsory provision of writing term papers and presenting them in the class rooms SU aspires that all the students get equal opportunity to flourish and take a steady career path.

Sikkim University appeals to all the students, parents and civil society members to join it in the challenging mission of enhancing the quality of education in the State and in the formidable task of building this new institution of higher learning.