Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rare Photograph of Sir Thutob Namgyal, King of Sikkim

Left to Right: D.E.Holland, Ugyen Wangchuck, John Claude White, Thutop Namgyel and his consort Yeshe Drolma.

Standing from left to right: Bhutanese guard, Capt. Henry Hyslop, Ugyen Dorje, Lobsang Choden, Jerung Dewan, Burmiak Kazi, Bhutanese guard, Sikkimese guard. (Photo by unidentified photographer, print from Fondation Alexandra David Neel, Digne)

This historic photograph was clicked when the King and Queen of Sikkim was invited at Calcutta Durbar during the occasion of the visit of the Prince and Princes of Wales in 1905.

For those who wanted more information on Sir Thutob Namgyal, he was the first person from Sikkim to be knighted by the Queen of England with the "Sir" title. He is the same person under whose name the the famous hospital at Gangtok is situated. STNM stands for Sir Thutob Namgyal Memorial Hospital was build in 1917.

ted to the Calcutta Durbar in 1905 on the occasion of the
visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales