Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Darjeeling in Postcards

Road Rolling

Labor-intensive road rolling helped to create smoother and less permeable roads

The early history of road rolling in Europe can be traced to the 18th century when roads became militarily important. High quality roads also played an important role in the British colonization of India. As the quality roads increased, the British found it easier to travel to different parts of the country thereby expanding their rule.

This real-photo postcard depicts the teenage girls who often were the main labor force that pushed the heavy iron road rollers in towns like Darjeeling.

A Dandy

A Hill Coolie Girl (TIBET POST)

Darjeeling, the Double Loop

The double loop offers a magnificent view of Darjeeling and Mount Everest

The toy train of Darjeeling is a major draw for tourists. This zigzag railway route connects Darjeeling to Siliguri in North Bengal. This postcard view is one of the most common from the Darjeeling area.

From Image of Asia