Friday, April 17, 2009

Help Bhuwan Basnett!

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Bishal Rai 'Kirath'

Bhuwan Basnett, a young boy from Darjeeling met with an accident on his way back from Agra towards Delhi. Two of his friends died on the spot and Bhuwan is seriously injured and Bhuwan’s condition is very critical.

Doctors have operated his thigh and possibly his bone marrow needs to be replaced. His, head is seriously damaged and doctors are working on the same.

Bhuwan has a beautiful four years old daughter and is married for almost six years.

The estimate cost, as of today for his medical bill has crossed four lakh.

Bhuwan urgently requires some financial help from all of us as his condition is very critical.

To help Bhuwan please contact

Mr. Tilak Chettri (Uncle) at +91-98714 65 279

Mr. Niraj Chhetri (Uncle) at +91-98109 61 227

Ms. Srijana Sharma (Sister) +91 99100 14949

Alternatively, the bank account numbers are as follows:

Niraj Chhetri

Account number: 00 2901 5265 25


G.K. I – Branch

Srijana Sharma

Account Number : 02 0000 222 151

State Bank of India,

Janak Puri Branch.

Details as follows:

Bhuwan Basnett

R/o, Rockwood, Darjeeling

Working with: NIIT Smart Serve

He is currently admitted to:

3rd floor

Fortis Jessa Ram Hospital

WEA, Karol Bagh

New Delhi