Sunday, April 26, 2009

I could not watch Rahul Gandhi because of my umbrella

The stage was set for the yuvraaj of Indian Politics at Palzor Stadium, Gangtok. As many others i was also in a queue at the entrance gate of the stadium under the scorching heat of the summer sun. With crowds rushing up like ants , the scenario everywhere was much different than it usually happens in Sikkim politics. I could hear national integration songs being scored up loudly on mikes as if i was about to witness a National festive much like Independence Day or the Republic Day. Among the crowd i was there holding a small hand bag with an umbrella inside, as these days rainfall is unpredicted at this part of the region.

Congress supporters of all age from every corner of the state had gathered. With all the hushing and pushing i made my way to the security personal who was checking every individual entering inside the stadium. I had my bag in front of me and as i was ready to open the zip of my bag i was told to keep aside the bag before entering the stadium. I showed them it was only an umbrella but i was denied, same sentence echoed from behind ''if you want to enter inside remove your bag as well as remove your mobile battery". I found myself in a funny situation i came all the way from Singtam, an hour long drive where with no vehicle available even after waiting for more than half and hour, i hurried into a crowded bus just to make sure i do not miss Rahul Gandhi. Now when i am about to step my foot i am told i cannot do so without leaving my bag, i was now looking frustrated with hose security personnel and asked them where should i throw my bag to enter inside. But i could not get the reply.

NB Bhandari helps Rahul Gandhi wear
Lepcha half jacket and a nepali topi

I wanted to listen to Rahul Gandhi, click some photographs and make my way back home in time since i knew there would be no vehicle in the evening to Singtam. But i felt sorry so near and yet so far i could not do so. Feeling dejected i returned back from the stadium. I had in my mind, I could not watch Rahul Gandhi because of my umbrella and yet i was consoling myself that tomorrow every local newspaper will have the Rahul's story and his photograph.

Photo: Himalayadarpan