Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Irony of an employee again strikes....

As i was writing about my delima of being an employee on the other day...yesterday i received an ironical comment which i cannot stop myself from sharing with others. As i had written earlier, as an employee i was directed not to attend any political organisation be it of ruling government or oppositions. I was advised that an employee should not be involved in political affairs.

Now after the biggest of irony among all..i am told that why are you not going to wish the CM on his success. No doubt i am happy for the success of our CM and i do appreciate that the state of Sikkim have changed for better under his leadership but is it necessary (as an employee) that i should personally wish him at his home/office. I was latter again told if i do not go .....i would be noticed for this....!!!

I have no problem vising local candidates and congratulating them for their success after the election win but....what i do not like is the mere fact that most people visit to make their work done which i find it difficult to do. Most of the public either wants transfer to better place, wants new job, wants better contracts and others because they believe they have helped the candidate win...Does it not seem that they are exchanging their vote for their personal benefits and nothing to be more concern about the future of Sikkim.


Well there can't be more irony of becoming an employee than this.....