Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yoksum students sends letter to Mahendra Singh Dhoni attached with Lays's wrapper

In one of a grandeur gesture students of the Government Secondary School at Yuksom in West Sikkim have written a five page letter to Mahendra Singh Dhoni with a Lays wrapper stapled along with it. Dhoni endorses potato chips which uses non bio-degradable wrappers.

Dhoni's advertisement of LAYS

"Please come and see for yourself. Should not we aspire to keep our pristine environment unpolluted?" the students wrote seeking his cooperation in their endeavour to keep the environment clean.

It was found that in a cleanliness drive from Yuksom to Dzongri last month, the students had come across wrappers of the potato chips comprising 47 per cent of the non bio-degradable waste in the state.


The students also appealed to Dhoni to consider making some arrangement to collect the wrappers for disposal.

They, however, expressed their adulation of the cricketer and urged him to visit their school with the national team to play a cricket match with them.

"We will take you on a guided tour of the rich biodiversity of Yuksom region," the students said.

pic : 2.bp.blogspot and Visit Nepal