Friday, July 31, 2009

Musket Balls and Cannon balls found in Tumlong Palace ruins

War objects found at Tumlong Palace ruins

Little is known about the collapse of the Tumlong Palace, the third official capital of the kingdom of Sikkim but the findings of few war-related objects from the ruins of the site have added some exciting tidings. Found from the Palace ruins are cannon balls, musket balls and an iron gear. These objects could probably be looked upon as a new era of warfare that was brought to the Himalayan land of Sikkim by the British. These materials are presently under the preservation of Archives Department, Gangtok.

After Rabdenste, the second capital of Sikkim was repeatedly attacked by the Nepal royal army, Tshudpud Namgyal, the than Chogyal of Sikkim shifted his capital from Rabdenste to Tumlong in 1793. Tumlong was the capital of Sikkim till 1884 when Chogyal Thutob Namgyal shifted his capital to present day Gangtok.

Musket balls

Cannon ball

Sikkim Royal family vehicle licence plate (1965)

From the page of National Geographic (1965)

The photograph was taken during the coronation of Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal at Gangtok (1965).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In memory of " Proud to be a Sikkimese"

As it is often must go has to start off, despite irregularities. So, despite several failures in regaining the password of my old blog "Proud to be a Sikkimese", i am hereby starting a new blog with the same motive as i had in my earlier blog...helping people understand the beauty and the mystic beyond the Sikkim.

Through my blog i had always tried my best to spread my small learning about my Sikkim but i believe some hackers did not liked my contribution. Nevertheless....i am here again doing the same old job...enriching people about me, myself and my Sikkim.

I am sure my readers shall continue me that love and support which i had in " Proud to be a Sikkimese".

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal's speech on his Coronation (1965)

This page is scanned from the book Coronation published in 1965. The book show case the scenes from the Coronation of Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal. Below is the copy of the speech given by the Chogyal after his coronation.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

‘Solar eclipse’ veiled Singtam in early morning darkness

The excitation to witness the longest solar eclipse of this century thrilled the people of Singtam today. The natural phenomenon that hide the sun for little over a minute past 6.30 am this morning had an awe-inspiring experience for people out here. Since the crack of dawn people had been enthusiastically waiting for the early morning extravaganza.

Late night shower did try to let down the expectations of the thousands out here but it was not to be. The event was looked upon with curiosity, fun and some even feared. For few days, news of the sighting of this rare instance had been the talk of the town. The picture perfect shadows of the different positions of the eclipse were not visible due to heavy clouds but people did observe the early morning shroud into darkness. The vehicles moving in the National Highway were also noticed moving with their ‘head lights’ on during that point in time.

Speaking to SE, Indira Rizaal told that she was in high spirits just to come across such rare event. According to her, she had often read in books about the solar occurrence but it was simply out of the world experience. Uttam Siwakoti, a teacher by profession pointed out we teach our students about these occurrences, I am sure this time the students too must have observed the happening. Roshan Sundas from Shantinagar pointed out that he was happy to have captured ‘a minute- moment’ in his video cam and told he could share his experience in years to come.

Even birds were found confused over the rare occasion and tried to hide from view inside our kitchen window, added Man Bahadhur Tamang. I am never come across such natural event in my four decade told Kamal Sharma and was more surprised of the event.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Art film on a spiritual truth from Sikkim

from Sikkim Reporter

“Fear Lies Within”, an Art Movie of little over 13 minutes was released by noted journalist Subash Deepak at Press Club of Sikkim on Monday. The movie was shot in Gangtok under the property management of S K Audio Vision.

The movie directed by Mr. BP Bajgain, editor Haalkhabar, is unique in the sense that it is without any dialogue, even though it has Mr. Rounak Somani and Ms. Pabitra Bhandari in the cast. The director is also the producer and scriptwriter, and he himself has handled sound and light management. Casting is by cinematographer, Kalyan Burathoki.
“This movie has tried to describe a particular psychological phenomenon – it is a perfect blend of art and psychology”, Mr. Bajgain says. The movie will participate in Agyaat Short Film Contest declared by Ram Gopal Verma, UTV Motion Pictures; 11th Mumbai International Film Festival for documentary, short and animation films, Feb 3-9, 2010: and Common Film Festival (April 2010), Greenheys Business Centre, Unit 9 Manchester Science Park, United Kingdom, he informed.
Significantly, two short verses of Bhagawat Gita, Chapter 2, in Sanskrit, appear as background for some frames of the film, of which the running theme is that existence of fear is within a human mind, a spiritual truth, and that it drives a person to different effects according to the quantum of fear.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

East Point keeps a tally of nineties in Mathematics growing

SINGTAM, July 18: East Point Senior Secondary School at Golitar, Singtam does it again.
For the last few years in succession, the students of the Class X CBSE board examination from East Point School had been successfully notching up ninety plus scores in Mathematics as well as in other subjects too.

Navneet Chettri

This year three students succeeded in scoring above nineties in Mathematics out of which Navneet Chettri came three marks short of what could had been a perfect 100 upon 100. Chettri went on to score marvellous 97. Following up closely was Ansu Gupta who achieved 95 marks and the third member of the ninety plus group Ayushi Agarwal went on to add 91 to her total marks achieved in the toughest subject.

Ansu Gupta

Speaking to SIKKIM EXPRESS, Ansu Gupta said she had expected ninety plus and that she was satisfied with her performance. For her, Mathematics is an interesting and one of her favourite subjects. Similar words were also echoed by Navneet Chettri and Ayushi Agarwal. Both the students are hopeful for studies in different streams at different institutions.

Ayushi Agarwal

Narayan Datta Mishra, a mathematics teacher at East Point SSS said he is proud of his students and went on to say with such performances teachers too get encouragement and he see his hard work being rewarded.
In 2003, Faizan Khan scored 90 marks in Mathematics subject and from then on there had been no looking back for the students of East Point SSS in the Class X CBSE board examinations. Since then Soni Singhal scored 97 marks in 2005, Harsh Agarwal (94 marks in 2006), Sumit Tripathi (92 marks in 2006), Bismark W. Singh (92 marks in 2008) had successfully achieving nineties in their respective mathematics subject.
East Point SSS at Singtam, set up in late 80s is one of the reputed institutions in the State and over the past have given several better students that had been keeping the future prospect of Sikkim brighter.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


from Sikkim Express

Sikkim commits ten minutes to world environmental security
Forest minister thanks all for making ‘Ten minutes to Greenery’ a total success

GANGTOK, July 15: Sikkim today inked a new chapter in the environmental record books of the world by planting more than 6 lakhs saplings throughout the hill State in ten minutes during a special campaign ‘Ten minutes to Greenery’ as the clock ticked 10:30 am.

Governor Balmiki Prasad Singh and Chief Minister Pawan Chamling led the campaign from the forefront as thousands of Sikkimese people, army personnel and paramilitary forces came forward and planted more than 6 lakhs saplings in any place of their choice today.
The whole campaign was facilitated by the State forest department.

Speaking to media after completion of the campaign, State forest minister Bhim Dhungel said that an international and national record has been created by the people of Sikkim by planting the 6 lakhs saplings in ten minutes in the State. He expressed his personal and his department’s gratitude to all the people for wholeheartedly supporting the special green mission campaign conceived by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.

“This special plantation programme which was successful is the gift from Sikkim to the global community and we want every people of the world to be environmentally conscious. We also want to reinforce the image of Sikkimese people as nature and forest lovers”, said Mr. Dhungel in the press meet.

Expressing his confidence that Sikkim has over-achieved its target of 6 lakhs saplings, Mr. Dhungel said that reports have been coming from various places of the State that plantation drive is still continuing till late in the evening. We are encouraged by the overwhelming response of the people, he said adding that the ‘Ten minutes to Greenery’ programme will be made an annual feature and will be conducted on every July 15.
Chief Minister’s Press Advisor Bhim Dahal pointed that the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) party has been always committed towards environmental security which had found special mention in the party’s election manifesto. He also pointed that Chief Minister Pawan Chamling is the only Chief Minister to have ever given such a call to the people for plantation of 6 lakhs saplings in ten minutes.

Today’s special programme has been conceived by the Chief Minister which really fits into the working plan of the State forest department and the requirements of the world, said State forest secretary ST Lachungpa.

“This initiative also supported the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) worldwide tree planting campaign. This was also a record that within ten minutes the plants numbering population of the State were planted all over the State”, said Mr. Lachungpa. He pointed out that the ‘Ten minutes of Greenery’ programme where around 6 lakhs saplings were planted would able to sequester about 1400 tons of carbon di-oxide annually. This is the Sikkim’s own unique way of contributing to climate change mitigation, he said.
The forest secretary said that the Chief Minister has further given emphasis on important native species like quercus (oak), rhododendron, magnolia and native wild fruits to have a well balanced forest ecosystem and preserve local biodiversity unique program and was celebrated on a mass scale.

“The plantation was done in every nook and corner of Sikkim where seedlings were arranged by the forest department at every gram panchayat, block level, constituency level and district levels. It was totally a people’s programme and the forest department acted as just a facilitator. The event was unprecedented and one of its own kind. The objective was not only to make tree planting as a Sikkimese way of life but also to send the message to the world community at large that we care for nature”, said Mr. Lachungpa.

“There are myriad of economic activities going on in Sikkim ranging from ecotourism, horticulture to clean power generation through carefully chosen hydroelectric projects. Sikkim’s green governance showcases a unique example of harmony between people, profit and planet”, said Mr. Lachungpa.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Burung PS joins “Ten minutes to Greenery”

SINGTAM: The effort of the mass plantation drive throughout the state of Sikkim was supported by the Burung Primary School here today. The entire students of the school along with staffs planted saplings across the school premises. In one of the rare greenery mission conceived by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, the state Government has aimed for a world record in planting six lakhs sapling in 10 minutes.

Speaking on the occasion NT Bhutia, Headmaster Burung Primary School told that he is pleased with such mission and hope that globally such initiatives shall benefit the human race. Bhutia also informed the gathered students about the importance of plantation and urged the students to help preserve environment.

Similar plant drive was also reported from Shantinagar, Singtam by the Singtam Civil Defense along the river bed region that was heavily affected due to recent rise of river.

GJM help desk for Sikkimese people

from Sikkim Express

GANGTOK, July 14: A cell has been constituted by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) in Kalimpong to facilitate the movement of people from Sikkim for urgent works during the bandh period.
People from Sikkim having emergency or urgent works and need to reach Siliguri can contact GJM in-charge of NH 31 A, Sunil Pradhan who has been authorized by the party high command to make necessary arrangements for the people of Sikkim.
Mr. Pradhan can be reached at 9933947288. The GJM has stressed that this facility for Sikkimese persons is only for emergencies and proper documents or travel tickets are a must.
Speaking to SIKKIM EXPRESS, Mr. Pradhan asserted that the bandh has not been called to disturb Sikkim. We are fighting for our identity and the highway (NH 31A) is like our front yard and is automatically shut down during the bandh, he said appealing the people of Sikkim not to think that the bandh has been called to harass them.
We have given special exemption to LPG vehicles and have set up a help desk for the benefit of Sikkimese people who have urgent or emergencies works at Siliguri, said Mr. Pradhan. It the people or students shows us proper documents like travel tickets or they are genuinely sick we will provide pass, he said appealing the people of Sikkim for support towards the Gorkhaland movement.
At the same time, Sikkimese people struck at Siliguri and require to reach Sikkim urgently can contact the GJM party functionary Bishal Chettri who is based in Siliguri. He can be reached at 9832362768.

Danny Denzongpa is Lakhan Tamang in "Luck"

Danny Denzongpa is playing a character by the name of Lakhan Tamang in the latest Hindi movie "Luck".

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sikkim Orchid variety named after Sonia Gandhi's grand daughter

How about that an orchid variety "Brasso Laelio Cattleya (Blc)" made by Mr. K.C.Pradhan who is creator of the Hybrid orchid, which is registered with the International Registration Authority for Orchid Hybrid, UK is named after Miraya Vadra, daughter of Priyanka and Robert Vodhera and the granddaughter of Sonia Gandhi.

Upon the consent of Mrs. Gandhi, the hybrid orchid was renamed as "Miraya", Brasso Laelio cattleya(BLC), in the name of her grand daughter.

The flower exhibition held on 26th Sept, 2006 was attended by Dr. Pawan Chamling (CM of Sikkim) and Tika Maya Chamling, Mr O.T. Lepcha and five girls from Deorali Sr. Sec School along with Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka and Robert Vodhera.

Earlier in 2003, another hybrid orchid was named after the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, during his visit to Sikkim. When asked to suggest a name for a second orchid, a Dendrobium hybrid, Vajpayee named it Kalpana Chawla after the Indian astronaut who was killed in the Columbia incident. Both the orchids were grown by K.C. Pradhan and his son Sailesh.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I found Sikkim Rocketmail Experiment 1935''s file at Archives Department

I had an wonderful experience two days back at Archives Department at Gangtok. I came across a personal file of Stephen Smith about how he proposed his Sikkim Rocketmail Experiment of 1935. The files contains letters and the process of his permission to the small kingdom of Sikkim. Right now i am going through it and those letters are really interesting to read.

Myself with the Stephen Smith's personal file found at Archives Department

In one instance, after the Sikkim Rocketmail Experiment 1935, Stephen Smith had send three photographs of the event to Chogyal Sir Tashi Namgyal, the King of Sikkim but with some unknown reason those three photographs was returned back to Stephen Smith. There is a letter in the file from an American stamp collector asking the Chogyal about the items of Sikkim Rocketmail to which the Chogyal had directed to talk straightly to Stephen Smith.

A Letter from the file

According to the letters of the file two separate events were held at Sikkim. Firstly, Sikkim Rocketmail envelopes was posted in the first half of 1935 while Sikkim Rocketgram experiment was held in the second half of the same year.

Stephen Smith's letter

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sushma Dahal, the next singing sensation from Sikkim

Meet Sushma Dahal, a student of class x from Chujachen SSS. She is the next big thing to happen in the music industry from Sikkim.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Thanks Pankaj Sir for making us smile

Pankaj Thapa Sir's cartoon needs no introduction , his regular cartoon feast is an attraction at Sikkim Express. This cartoon featured on MJ could not let me smile..thanks sir.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sikkim's very own Titanic.....

The Titanic Park at the heart of Gangtok got its name in early 2000 when in one of the article published in Weekend Review newspaper had it mentioned of a small newly renovated park that looked like a Titanic ship board. The naming of the park also coincided with the fact that during those day the film Titanic was being screened in the cinema hall at Gangtok.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Sikkim declares 2010 as Year of Tourism

from News4u

Gangtok : Having declared the year 2010 as the Year of Tourism, the Sikkim government has drawn up a plan incorporating as many as 13 local festivals in the list of popular events to be staged next year to woo tourists from across the country and abroad.

Officials of the tourism department said that the celebration of the Year of Tourism will commence with the Sikkim Discover Festival to be held in March/April next year and conclude with the State Flower Show to be held at the state capital in March, 2011.

In April 2010, a number of cultural events will be held at Rabong, Aritar and Temi-Tarku to delight the visitors.

Apart from this, an international Rhododendron festival will be held at Shingba Lachung in North Sikkim and Varsey in West Sikkim during the first three weeks of May 2010.

What does this stone tablet mean?

Can anyone help me decipher what does this stone tablet mean..this could be either newari or Tibetan and any other...!!!

The First... ( INDIAN )

I found these informations on mail is worth going through it.

Actress of the Talkies
Zubeida, Alam Ara(1931)

Actress to win Padma Shri Award
Nargis Dutt(1958)

Maha Govinda(5th C.BC)

Aryabhatta Medal Winner
K.R. Ramanathan(1977)

Bharat Ratna Award Winner

British Governor General of Indian Union
Lord Louis Mountbatten(Aug. 15, 1947-June 20, 1948)

Captain of Test Cricket

Century in Test Cricket
Lala Amarnath(1933-1934)

Chairman of Rajaya Sabha

Chevalier Award Winner
Sivaji Ganesan

Chief Election Commissioner
Sukumar Sen(1950-1958)

Chief Justice of India
Hiralal J.Kania(1950-1951)

Chief of Air Staff
Sir Thomas Elmhirst(1947-1950)

Chief of Army Staff to die in harness

Chief of Coast Guard

Chief of Naval Staff


Rakesh Sharma(1984)

Cricketer to have battled in all positions(1 to 11)
Vinoo Mankad

Dada Saheb Phalke Award Winner
Devika Rani Roerich(1969)

Dancer to perform abroad
Uday Shankar

Deputy Prime Minister
Vallabhbhai Patel(1947-1950)

Deputy Prime Minister to die in harness
Vallabhbhai Patel(1950)

Elected President

Emperor of Mughal Dynasty

Field Marshal

Film Star Chief Minister
M.G.Ramachandran(Tamil Nadu, 1977)

Financial Minister to present the Budget three times in a row
Manmohan Singh (1933, 1994, 1995)

Finix Award Winner

Baudhayana, Sulva Sutras(800 BC)

Governor General of British India
Warren Hastings(1774-1785)

Panini, Ashtadhyaayi(6th C. BC)

Helms Award Winner
Kunwar Digvijay Singh Babu(1952)

Home Minister
Vallabhbhai Patel(1946)

ICS Officer
Satyendranath Tagore

Indian Chief of Air Staff

Indian Governor General of Indian Union
M.Rajendra Singh(April 1, 1955-May 14, 1955)

Indian Woman President of Indian National Congress
Sarojini Naidu(1925)

J.C.Bose Medal Winner

Jain Tithankara
Rishabha Dev

Jananpith Award Winner
G.Sankara Kurup, Odakuzhal(1965)

Lady of the Indian Film
Devika Rani Roerich

Lata Mangeshkar Award Winner

Manu, Manu Smirti(3100 BC)

Man to climb Mount Everest without oxygen
Phu Dorjee(1984)

Man to climb Mount Everest
Tanzing Norgay(with Edumund Hillary, 1953)

Man to make solo Flight(from US to India)
Satish Soman(1994)

Man to swim across English Channel
Mihir Sen(1966)

Man to swim several Straits in one calender year
Mihir Sen(1966)

Managing Director of World Bank
Gautam Kaji(1995)

Member of British Parliament
Dadabhai Naoroji(1862)

Member of Viceroy's Executive Council
Sir S.P.Sinha(1909)

Miss Universe
Sushmita Sen(1994)

Miss World
Reita Faria(1966)

Musician to get Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushana

Musician to get Ramon Magsaysay Award

Naval Pilot

Nishan-Eey-Pakistan Award Winner
Morarji Desai(1991)
Nobel Prize Winner
Rabindranath Tagore, Gitanjali(1913)

Olympic Medal Winner
Norman Pritchard, Silver(1900)

Oscar Winner
Bhanu Athaiya

Ajatshatru's killing of Bimbisara(494 BC)

Physically handicapped mountaineer
Baba Manindra Pal

J.R.D.Tata, Tata Airlines(1929)

Presentation of Budget
R.K.Shanmugham Chetty, Finance Minister(1947)

Presentation of General Budget
C.D.Deshmukh, Finance Minister(1952)

Rajendra Prasad(1950-1962)

President of Indian National Congress

President of International Court of Justice
Nagendra Singh(1970)

President to die in harness
Zakir Hussain(1967-1969)

Prime Minister
Jawaharlal Nehru(1947-1964)

Prime Minister to be assassinated
Indira Gandhi(1984)

Prime Minister to die in harness
Jawaharlal Nerhru(1964)

Prime Minister to head a minority government
Choudhary Charan Singh(July 28, 1979-Jan,14, 1980)

Prime Minister to resign from office
Morarji Desai(1979)

Prime Minister who did not face Parliament
Chaudhary Charan Singh(July 28, 1979-Jan 14, 1980)

Raman Medal Winner
Salim Moinuddin Ahmed Ali(1979)

Raman Magsaysay Award Winner
Vinoba Bhave(1958)

Recipient of Stalin Peace Prize
Saifuddin Kitchlew(1954)

Recipient of World Food Prize

S..Ramanujan Medal Winner

S.S.Bhatnagar Medal Winner
Atma Ram(1959)

Uddalaka Aruni(560 BC)

Slave Ruler of India
Qutb-ud-din Aibak(1206-1210)

Speaker in Hindi at the UN
Atal Bihari Vajpayee(1977)

Speaker of Lok Sabha
Ganesh Vasudeo Mavalankar(1952-1957)

Test-tube baby
Baby Harsha or Indira(1986)


Viceroy of India
Lord Canning (1858-1862)

Woman (Muslim) Ruler of India
Razia Sultana(1236-1240)

Woman Advocate
Cornelia Sorabji(1894)

Woman Ambassador
Vijayalakshmi Pandit(U.S.S.R., 1947-1949)

Woman at Antarctica
Meher Moos(1976)

Woman Central Minister
Rajkumari Amrit Kaur(Health)

Woman Chief Justice(of High Court)
Leila Seth(Himachal Pradesh, 1991)

Woman Chief Minister
Sucheta Kriplani(Uttar Pradesh, 1963-1967)

Woman Foreign Minister
Lakshmi N. Menon(1957-1966)

Woman Secretary General of Rajya Sabha
V.S.Rama Devi(1993)

Woman Governor
Sarojini Naidu(Uttar Pradesh, 1963-1967)

Woman IAS Officer
Anna Rajam George(1950)

Woman IPS Officer
Kiran Bedi(1974)

Woman Jet Commander
Saudamini Deshmukh

Woman Jnanpithpith Award Winner
Ashapurna Devi, Prathama Pratishruti(1976)

Woman Judge of Supreme Court
Meera Sahib Fatima Beevi(1989)

Woman Minister of State
Vijayalakshmi Pandit(Uttar Pradesh, 1937)

Woman Missionary
Sanghamitra, daughter of King Ashoka (Sri Lanka, 3rd C.BC)

Woman Pilot (Commercial)
Prem Mathur(Deccan Airways, 1951)

Woman Pilot (Indian Airlines)
Durga Banerjee(1966-1988)

Woman President of Indian National Congress
Annie Besant(1917)

Woman President of UN General Assembly
Vijayalakshmi Pandit(1953)

Woman Prime Minister
Indira Gandhi(1966-1977, 1980-1984)

Woman Sahitya Akademi Award Winner
Amrita Pritam, Sunehre(1956)

Woman to climb Mount Everest
Bachendri Pal(1984)

Woman to perform a solo Flight
Harita Kaur Deol(1944)

Woman to swim across English Channel
Arati Saha(1959)

Woman to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar
Arti Pradhan

Woman to win an Asian Gold
Kamaljit Sandhu(1970)

Woman to go in Space
Dr.Kalpana Chawla(November 1997)