Sunday, July 19, 2009

East Point keeps a tally of nineties in Mathematics growing

SINGTAM, July 18: East Point Senior Secondary School at Golitar, Singtam does it again.
For the last few years in succession, the students of the Class X CBSE board examination from East Point School had been successfully notching up ninety plus scores in Mathematics as well as in other subjects too.

Navneet Chettri

This year three students succeeded in scoring above nineties in Mathematics out of which Navneet Chettri came three marks short of what could had been a perfect 100 upon 100. Chettri went on to score marvellous 97. Following up closely was Ansu Gupta who achieved 95 marks and the third member of the ninety plus group Ayushi Agarwal went on to add 91 to her total marks achieved in the toughest subject.

Ansu Gupta

Speaking to SIKKIM EXPRESS, Ansu Gupta said she had expected ninety plus and that she was satisfied with her performance. For her, Mathematics is an interesting and one of her favourite subjects. Similar words were also echoed by Navneet Chettri and Ayushi Agarwal. Both the students are hopeful for studies in different streams at different institutions.

Ayushi Agarwal

Narayan Datta Mishra, a mathematics teacher at East Point SSS said he is proud of his students and went on to say with such performances teachers too get encouragement and he see his hard work being rewarded.
In 2003, Faizan Khan scored 90 marks in Mathematics subject and from then on there had been no looking back for the students of East Point SSS in the Class X CBSE board examinations. Since then Soni Singhal scored 97 marks in 2005, Harsh Agarwal (94 marks in 2006), Sumit Tripathi (92 marks in 2006), Bismark W. Singh (92 marks in 2008) had successfully achieving nineties in their respective mathematics subject.
East Point SSS at Singtam, set up in late 80s is one of the reputed institutions in the State and over the past have given several better students that had been keeping the future prospect of Sikkim brighter.