Wednesday, July 22, 2009

‘Solar eclipse’ veiled Singtam in early morning darkness

The excitation to witness the longest solar eclipse of this century thrilled the people of Singtam today. The natural phenomenon that hide the sun for little over a minute past 6.30 am this morning had an awe-inspiring experience for people out here. Since the crack of dawn people had been enthusiastically waiting for the early morning extravaganza.

Late night shower did try to let down the expectations of the thousands out here but it was not to be. The event was looked upon with curiosity, fun and some even feared. For few days, news of the sighting of this rare instance had been the talk of the town. The picture perfect shadows of the different positions of the eclipse were not visible due to heavy clouds but people did observe the early morning shroud into darkness. The vehicles moving in the National Highway were also noticed moving with their ‘head lights’ on during that point in time.

Speaking to SE, Indira Rizaal told that she was in high spirits just to come across such rare event. According to her, she had often read in books about the solar occurrence but it was simply out of the world experience. Uttam Siwakoti, a teacher by profession pointed out we teach our students about these occurrences, I am sure this time the students too must have observed the happening. Roshan Sundas from Shantinagar pointed out that he was happy to have captured ‘a minute- moment’ in his video cam and told he could share his experience in years to come.

Even birds were found confused over the rare occasion and tried to hide from view inside our kitchen window, added Man Bahadhur Tamang. I am never come across such natural event in my four decade told Kamal Sharma and was more surprised of the event.