Friday, September 25, 2009

East Point English School days

Old photographs does take you to those bygone days and one such moment was when Tashi Lama, one of my very good friend from Singtam send me old school days photograph. He was a class junior to me at East Point English School at Singtam now more famous and upgraded to East Point SSS. Tashi send me two photographs and both of them was more than nostalgic for me and i do remember that particular moment at instance.

The dance program was performed by the school students during the 1990 Independence Day at Singtam Mandi Bazaar. The ground is no more here instead a shopping complexion have been erected. In almost 19 years i have forgotten the names of few guys who were dancing then. The two person that really excited me in the photograph was of Sapna Verma and Pem Tshring Bhutia. Thanks to internet, i came across Sapna after more than 18 years this late winter and it was more than pleasure exchanging scraps with her. With Pem Tshring, we studied from Nursery till class xii after which he left for veterinary studies and is vet doctor, now more in a respectable government job.

I still remember this 15th August football match that was held at Bardang. The year was 1989. The match was played for those player under 5'3" even i was measured but i was 2-3 inch more and was not selected but we the school mates did went to watch the match. In the practice session Tashi was given practised as a goal keeper but on that particular match Pem Thsring was made the goal keeper. The result was as expected our school team lost that particular match by nine goal to nil.

And this is Tashi with the haruwa cup.....