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Saturday, October 31, 2009

I had exhibited my stamps and coins collection at Rongli

This Independence Day i had exhibited my stamps and coins collection at Rongli. I had a chance to show my collection to former Minister and area MLA KB Chamling and present MLA Puran Gurung

Friday, October 30, 2009

Take a photo of Lingtam Pani Ghatta....just for Rs 50!!

I am sure people around have heard about the Lingtam Pani Ghatta, traditional water mill used for grinding flour. I was at this house a few minute ride in a vehicle from Lingtam bazaar. The owner of this pani ghatta an old lady was not happy on my un invited approach to her house.

Instead she asked me 50 rupees as a "pass" to click the photographs of her pani ghatta. She was not interested in people coming to her house just to click the photgraphs. She was to be paid to have her photograph clicked along with the ghatta and she asked me Rs 100 for that. 

It was really a sad affair to hear from her close ones, with her business not enough to sustain her family's life she finds harassed when people visits her just to know about the seven decade old historical water mill run by wooden turbines.

This Lingtam Pani Ghatta is probably the oldest running flour mill and i would wish State Government should come up and preserve this from ending it up. Why not promote this as a eco-friendly means of using natural source in proper way ?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jagjit Singh's Jeevan Kya Hai 's lyrics is a copy of Karna Das’s Jindagi ko Ke Bharosa

It is more than strange that most of the time we hear about music of songs being copied or rather say inspired but this song's lyrics i came across the net have a different story. Karna Das released Jindagi ko Ke Bharosa way back in 1997-97 and his song's hindi version (i  better say ) have been sang by Jagjit Singh in Jeevan Kya Hai released in 2005. Just watch the words of the songs.....

Karna Das’s Jindagi ko Ke Bharosa

Jindagi Ko ke Bharosa
Yo Ta Sano Khelauna Ho
Dui Aankhama Ek Ma Hanso
Arko Ma Ruhai Chha

Ratri Ko Andheri Bhihani Ko Sunaulo
Yehi Nai Sansar Ko Rit Ho Sathi
Har Ek Palma Dukhai Dukha Chha
Sukha Ta Bahana Nai Ho

Aauna saans afno Nai Nimti
Jana saans Aarkai Ko Nimti

Jindagi Ko Ke Bharosa
Mritu Ko Badal Le Gherekai Chha
Dui Aankhama Ek Ma Hanso
Aarko Ma Ruhai Chha

Jagit Singh’s Jeevan Kya Hai

Jeevan kyaa hai chalataa phirataa ek khilonaa hai
do aankhon men ek se hansanaa ek se ronaa hai

jo jii chaahe vo mil jaaye kab aisaa hotaa hai
har Jeevan Jeevan jiine kaa samajhautaa hai
ab tak jo hotaa aayaa hai vo hii honaa hai

raat andherii bhor suhaanii yahii zamaanaa hai
har chaadar men dukh kaa taanaa sukha kaa baanaa hai

aatii saans ko paanaa jaatii saans ko khonaa hai

photo from google

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sir Tashi Namgyal (26th October 1893 - 2nd December 1963)

All thanks to Tenzing Jigdal Khangsharpa for reminding me today was Sir Tashi Namgyal's birth anniversary.


1914 -1963  H.H. Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Maharaja Tashi Namgyal [bKra-shis rNam-gyal], Maharaja of Sikkim, KCSI (8.6.1939), KCIE (1.1.1923, CIE 1.1.1918).

b. at Kurseong, Darjeeling, 26th October 1893, fourth son of H.H. Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Maharaja Sir Thutob Namgyal [mThu-stobs rNam-rgyal], Maharaja of Sikkim, KCIE, by his third wife, H.H. Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Maharani Yeshay Dolma, educ. St Paul's Sch., Darjeeling, and Mayo Coll., Ajmer.
Succeeded on the death of his half brother, 5th December 1914. Installed at the Royal Palace, Park Ridge, Gangtok, 19th February 1915. Consecrated at the Royal Chapel, Tsuk-La-Khang Monastery, Gangtok, 15th May 1916. Invested with full ruling powers on 5th April 1918. Signed a treaty with India 1950 after a long period of negotiations lasting three years, in which, India assumed responsibility for Sikkim's defence, external affairs, communications and other matters, but underlying Sikkim's "international personality".
Patron of the Namgyal Inst. of Tibetology 1957-1963, the Tashi Namgyal Acad., Tashi Namgyal Higher Secondary Sch., Sir Thutob Namgyal Memorial (STNM) Hospital 1917-1963, etc. Rcvd: Delhi Durbar (1911), Silver Jubilee (1935), and Coron. (1937) medals.
m. at the Royal Chapel, Tsuk-La-Kheng Monastery, Gangtok, 8th October 1918 (repudiated), H.H. Sri Sri Sri Sri Sri Maharani Kunzang Dechen [H.H. the Gyalyum] (b. 1906;
d. at the Royal Palace, Park Ridge, Gangtok, March 1987, having had further issue one daughter by Chozod Kusho, Tharing Rimpoche - see above), educ. Hampton Court Coll., Mussoorie, rcvd: GC with collar of the Order of the Jewel of Sikkim (1973), daughter of General (De-pon) Medrak Rakashar [mdo-mkhar-sras ra-kha-shar], of Tibet and granddaughter of H.E. Lonchen Shokang, sometime Prime Minister of Tibet. He d. at Woodlands Nursing Home, Calcutta, India, 2nd December 1963, having had issue, three sons and three daughters

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pem Dorji…who?

The Gangtok city recently played host to 1st All India Women's Football Championship for Pem Dorjee Memorial Cup at Paljor Stadium from 7th Oct to 15th Oct 2009 that had seven state women teams from Assam, Manipur, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Goa and Sikkim. Manipuri girls defeated Orissa three goals to two in a tie breaker. Though the tournament wasn’t a big affair with the crowds except at the finals, I was more excited for the man behind who the tournament was named after. For the football lovers he was “Nilu” better known as Pem Dorji or Pem Dorjee beyond the state. 

I was at Paljor Stadium watching one of the semi finals where I came across two boys still in their teens behind me chatting over the match and their confusion over the personality of Pem Dorji. They had never come across the name of Pem Dorji and were rather in a belief that the person might be some yesteryear female football player. I was giving ear to their talks with disbelief.  

from a newspaper clip
I share a coincidental meeting with the football great Nilu in his closing days out at STNM Hospital in Gangtok. My mother was also admitted at the same hospital during those days. One fine morning Dhaba (my father’s elder brother) visited my mother at the hospital where on catching me up asked about my blood group. Without any hesitate I replied back “O positive” and he made me to follow him. On our walks along the Hospital Dara he went on to say I was to give blood to Nilu, a football player. I had never heard off the name before and did not reply back, I just followed Dhaba till he reached at one of the private patient cabin of the hospital. I still remember watching a man in blue T-Shirts lying on the patient’s bed and chatting with the visitors. Dhaba greeted him and introduced me and informed about my uninvited presence. Nilu as I had knew by then smiled at me and said they had found the blood donor at that time and would call me if they require me in weeks or so.  I just smiled him back and came out of the room. I never received any phone calls from Nilu or from anyone related to him and in couple of weeks later I got to know from newspaper that Nilu had passed away, he had been battling with cancer. The year than was 2001. 

Pem Dorji was born at Gangtok to Mr. & Mrs. Gyampu T. Chingapa in 1958. He did his schooling in Scotish University Missions Institute in Kalimpong and Pelling Senior Secondary School in West Sikkim.

Pem Dorji had a distinction of becoming the first Sikkimese to captain the Indian national football team in the pre-Olympic tournament held in 1982 at Malaysia. He was part of the first Sikkimese football team at National Championships in 1976. Pem Dorjee was among the first few player from the Hills to had got chance to play at club football at than Calcutta when he played for Mohammadan Sporting Club in the 80s.He later played for many clubs like Mahendra Club of Kathmandu, Kaliks Sporting Team and Shree Paanch Mahendra Police Club. He represented India in the Nehru Gold Cup in the year 1983, 1984-85 and 1988, the President Cup at Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1983-84 and 1987, Chinese Great Wall Cup in 1984, the Asia Cup at Abu Dharabi in 1984 and SAF in 1987. On numerous occasions he was part of Sikkim team wins against the team ranked higher in national stage. 
I still recall reading in newspapers about players like Bhaichung Bhutia and others making efforts in playing charity matches for the fund collection for Pem Dorji’s treatment. In recognition of his outstanding and contribution to the cause of football in the State and country, he was posthumously conferred the Roll of Honour by the State Government in 2002.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Handwritten Sikkim Herald issue you never knew about....

Sikkim Herald is the official newsweekly of the Government of Sikkim published by the Department of Information and Public Relations has been a regular feature of the State ever since its inception in the early 1956. Sikkim Herald comes out in thirteen different state languages, viz. English, Nepali, Newar, Lepcha, Gurung, Limbu, Tamang, Sunwar, Manger, Sherpa, Bhutia, Rai and Tibetan and printed at Goverment Printing press of Gangtok.

In his self made museum of Ganesh Pradhan at Rhenock, i came across two issues of Sikkim Herald that really pulled off my fantasy. The first issue published in 1959 was a rare, i got to hear from him that even the IPR Department is looking after. He is really proud of it and showed me with a distinct pride.

Another rare copy of his Sikkim Herald issues include the one from 1969 that was handwritten, it is more than fascinating who did it and why was it required to be handwritten...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bhaichung Bhutia to be felicitated for his 100 international matches

 Sikkimese striker Bhaichung Bhutia, the living legend of Indian football will be felicitated by the All India Football Federation on October 20 at Delhi on completing 100 Indian International caps, the first Indian to do so. According to the information received from and Saurabh Rai, Bhaichung Bhutia is to leave for New Delhi on October 20th itself in early flight.

Bhaichung had successfully captained Indian team and defended his Nehru Cup this year against the mighty Kyrgyzstan. He was also the "Player of the Tournament".

Pic Courtesy- Sikkim Students Association (Kolkata)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where is this- 2 ?

Photo shared by Sushma Sharma

This is a popular place at Gangtok..identify it....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

AAGSU torch rally in memorium of Bhimajuli massacre

 Nanda Kirati Dewan, Guwahati

14th Oct. Guwahati: The All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) the apex students’ body of Gorkhas of Assam last evening took out a mass candle light torch rally today in memory of the Bhimajuli killings and prayers for speed recovery of those injured in the violence through out Assam. In the capital city Guwahati the Kamrup Dist. Committee along with the office bearers of AAGSU central committee took to street with candle in hands at 6pm from the historic Nepali Mandir premises. Flagging off the rally by lighting a earthen lamp and offering prayers to all the deceased and injured Dil Bahadur Limboo President; AAGSU condemned the most inhuman act of violence in Bhimajuli that claimed as many as 14 lives that left some hundred in feared state of mind when National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) militants indiscriminately fired on houses of the people on 4th Oct 2009 Sunday. Unfortunately 8 out of 14 killed were Gorkhas so the AAGSU is organizing a SAMUHIK ARYA SHRADHA on 25th October 2009 for all 14 killed at Bhimajuli Sonitpur. Condoling the death of Bhimajuli massacre and after offering prayers for quick and complete recovery of those injured in the incident the rally started off silently through Md. Shah Road Paltan Bazar to ASTC circle back to Nepali Mandir. The ruling Congress MLA for Pub Guwahati constituency Captain Robin Bordoloi also joined the rally. Members of Volunteer Cell of AAGSU maintained traffic and discipline through out the peace rally. More than 550 students, elders, man, women and children walked through the streets with candle in hands even surrounding traders, shopkeepers, vegetable & milk vendors also joined the rally. The Nagarik Unnayan Samitee under Platan Bazar police station also had joined the rally. All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) and other students’ organizations of Assam also extended support.

No media bytes were made through out the rally as it was silent peace rally. Dil Bahadur Limboo President; All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) talking to media persons lambasted the state govt. and police administration for failing to provide security to the people of the region despite having enough inputs of possibility of such incident. Limboo also stretched on to bring into the NDFB leadership and militants involved in heinous man hunting crime to terrorize and earn ransoms. “AAGSU squarely blames the Central and State Govt. for the Bhimajuli massacre as the Assam Arunachal border has always been prone to security lapses and incident like this was an obvious reflection” said the AAGSU President. Thereafter Kamrup Dist AAGSU Chief Advisor Pitamber Joshi handed over the memorandum to Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) Mrinal Gogoi who had came at 6.45pm to receive it on behalf of administration. The memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister of Assam demands adequate security in the region and across the bordering districts, early release of compensation, bear educational cost of Namita Pradhan (11 months) and Suruj Upadhyay (12 years) who lost their parents in the incident, setting up of martyr tomb in Bhimajuli market place and setting up of permanent army and CRPF camp in the region. Addressing the crowd Joshi thanked the all who joined the rally and showing solidarity towards humanity and added that Gorkhas would not at all tolerate any kind of terrorism. We Gorkhas stand with the nation against all antinational elements and activities echoed AAGSU members while concluding the rally. AAGSU is also organizing a statewide protest rally on 14th Oct 2009 as informed by Birendra Subba, vice president;AAGSU. At the time of filing this report the demonstration protest rally was at its peak in all the district headquarters through out Assam.

Here are the glimpses from the lens of the rally….


Late night fire hits Rangpo

Late night fire gutted down houses at the heart of Rangpo town....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chandra Nursey registered letter on Ebay Sell

I just came across an excellent registered envelope send from Chandra Nursery, Rhenock to this letter it was send in 1938!! Chandra Nursery was famous for its floral business across the globe. The 1930s and 1940s were the peak period of their business.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who is he-1?

I believe in between our quest to know more about our Sikkim..i believe we need to know people, places and cultures of our state, so from this time i would like to share photographs just to help people get familiar with them...

Clue: He was the first individual from Sikkim to be knighted.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

There should be the sequel of Nepali film Saino….

-->Nineteen years back a small budget Nepali film was shot entirely in Sikkim with celebrated local artiste Danny Denzongpa in the lead role. The film had popular Nepali artistes of those days in Bhuwan KC and Tripti along with Muralidhar from Nepal. The film ‘Saino’ was a huge success and its music set by Ranjit Gazmer part of a fairy tale. Each of its seven songs holds a legendary status that was sung by singers like Asha Bhonsle, Udit Narayan, Deepa Narayan, Kumar Kancha, Muralidhar and Danny himself.

The film was shot in short span and directed by Ugen Chopel who went on to become a famed director of Nepali cinema. Saino was more than a cinematic brilliance with dialogues of character actors getting mass appreciation. Who can forget the lines like “daiba ko daya lay….and the Pukar Gurung’s act with his signature line…” koi cha mah sangha khelnay”. Saino was later made into Bengali and Hindi film but with little success. But its Hindi serial version “Ajnabi” was a big nationwide hit in Doordarshan.
These days I am thinking….samay pani thikkai ko chaaa…there should be the sequel of Saino. In the last scene Danny is being shown as going with the Police men in their police jeep and I still recollect the last line Tripti says something like “hami parkhinay chau” so, how about Danny returning back after his jail term. I am sure we would love to see how his relationship with Tripti and his small mitzu carry on after such a long time. With Tripti back on her acting forefront she can match the screen presence of Danny. Pheri kunai ramro Nepali film nahereh ko pani tah barsai bhayo ni…..!!
We just would like the trio of Danny Denzongpa, Ugen Choppel and Ranjit Gazmer to bring back the old magic…once more!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Parakha annual village festive concludes

Re-Incarnation Organisation concluded its annual day 2009 with the final of Inter Village level Volleyball tournament and Open Dance competition, which was held at the Parakha School premises yesterday.

The programme attended by a large number of people from nearby areas saw several village rural sports participated by school students and locals. GS Pradhan, former educator and senior citizen from Parakha was also felicitated on the occasion.

The volleyball tournament was won by Shantideep Sangh from Bara Pathing defeating Kanchenjunga Club from Linkey in a closely fought match. The dance competition was won by young school going student groups from Modern Dance Academy, Rongli. The winners were awarded a trophy and cash. Speaking on the occasion, Praveen Pradhan, Managing Director of Modern Dance Academy told that this was their first attempt in participating in any dance competition. “Our hard work has paid and we are happy,” Mr. Pradhan added.

Shajan Basnet, the dance instructor went on to say that their performance appreciated by the crowd was quite satisfying. LM Lepcha, MLA from 21-Gnathang Machong was the chief guest on the occasion.

photo: Kushal Pradhan

Sunday, October 04, 2009

From the third eye......

So finally I am back from my short journey of Kolkata and Durgapur...When i am traveling i am sure i get to click something that excites me but this time around rain and 'King Hot' did made me go bizarre....yet there are few photographs which i can share with other...Sorry if you people do not like just learning....!!!

This hand has designed many beautiful
postage stamps of India and the
only Indian to have
designed UN postage stamp
....he is Dipok Dey.

Howrah identity that always strucked with Kolkata

Vidyasagar Setu...a marvelous touch

WWII tank left for strays...

They still give..... feels of old Calcutta

Sunset behind the city...

The sky touching

Near Sevoke...........