Wednesday, October 07, 2009

There should be the sequel of Nepali film Saino….

Nineteen years back a small budget Nepali film was shot entirely in Sikkim with celebrated local artiste Danny Denzongpa in the lead role. The film had popular Nepali artistes of those days in Bhuwan KC and Tripti along with Muralidhar from Nepal. The film ‘Saino’ was a huge success and its music set by Ranjit Gazmer part of a fairy tale. Each of its seven songs holds a legendary status that was sung by singers like Asha Bhonsle, Udit Narayan, Deepa Narayan, Kumar Kancha, Muralidhar and Danny himself.

The film was shot in short span and directed by Ugen Chopel who went on to become a famed director of Nepali cinema. Saino was more than a cinematic brilliance with dialogues of character actors getting mass appreciation. Who can forget the lines like “daiba ko daya lay….and the Pukar Gurung’s act with his signature line…” koi cha mah sangha khelnay”. Saino was later made into Bengali and Hindi film but with little success. But its Hindi serial version “Ajnabi” was a big nationwide hit in Doordarshan.

These days I am thinking….samay pani thikkai ko chaaa…there should be the sequel of Saino. In the last scene Danny is being shown as going with the Police men in their police jeep and I still recollect the last line Tripti says something like “hami parkhinay chau” so, how about Danny returning back after his jail term. I am sure we would love to see how his relationship with Tripti and his small mitzu carry on after such a long time. With Tripti back on her acting forefront she can match the screen presence of Danny. Pheri kunai ramro Nepali film nahereh ko pani tah barsai bhayo ni…..!!

We just would like the trio of Danny Denzongpa, Ugen Choppel and Ranjit Gazmer to bring back the old magic…once more!!


  1. thats brilliant.....this is the only nepali movie that really stayed with movie....great talent show....tripti was outstanding....sequel.??? maybe the kid would grow up to be bhuwan again.....

  2. Saino is that height...a nepali cinema is yet to overcome. Kid growing into Bhuwan KC should interesting but Bhuwan KC's age does not fit here....i believe in new actor for this role...


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