Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If you love your loved ones watch "2012" ones....

When i was watching the human race passing on to its end before the big screen on Denzong Cinema Hall, my heart was asking me will "2012" really take place. I was telling myself, I love you Dad. I was crying within myself. I wish everyone who love their loved ones should watch this movie ones.

The plot and the characters of the movie make us believe what we might face if all the rumours are to be believed. In acting front i am impressed with one man....the fat Russian billionaire Zlatko Burić, he did his work with an ease. But without any doubt the hero of the film is the director, screenplay and the visual effects.

In one of the scenes a lake is seen disappeared in Yellowstone, USA and was converted into popping bubbles of hot gases. This did reminded me of number of lakes that had disappeared into the earth crust in Sikkim itself in last few decades. Not to forget the one that happened last year in west Sikkim!!!