Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Strange looking celestial object passed through Sikkim on November 23

Artistic imagination of the mysterious object

Man Bahadhur Tamang, a teacher from Burung Primary School, near Singtam told that he along with his other teaching staff saw a celestial object moving across the opposite hill to the other end of the hill in a great speed. at the noon of 23rd November, 2009. The object came with a big sound that reminded him like some noise of a  blasting of rocks that usually occurs in the nearby repair work of road. The object was a "white thing" that moved in a straight line from the opposite hills of Upper Linzey through the hills of Sang. The total length of the object that was leaving some cloudy smokes from its tail was around 5 km long, said Tamang.

The same incident was also reported from Ravangla. It is also connected with UFO but not smoke leaving  UFO space craft had been ever heard off.  The thing is also referred by some common men as a comet, but it is more than strange that no sighting of comet is recorded in any other part of the globe on that particular date.