Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Sikkim Gas Plant", Nainaam Industry located at Makha, 12 Km from Singtam

 by Sanjay Agarwal

25 Dec, Rangpo: Nainaam Industry located at Makha, 12 Km from Singtam boasts to place Sikkim as milestone, an one step ahead in self reliant state in India through its very own  gas production plant in coming days. Oxygen and Nitrogen which are a very essential life saving gas for Human and Industries will be produced in Sikkim itself from January 2010. Sikkim is totally dependent upon Siliguri, West Bengal from where the gas is supplied meanwhile. There is a frequent shortage of gas sometimes, sometime due to closure of highway which makes delay in arriving at appropriate time during useful porpose. 

According to Company CEO Mr NK Agarwal the 90% of the plant components fittings are being completed and within next couple of days 10% would completed, thereby allowing for final commissioning for full fledge production plant as a major production unit. It is projected that approximately 500 barrels of Oxygen and 200 barrels of Nitrogen would be manufactured everyday from this  plant. The company CEO further stresses that they would continue to work on next level of plan where other types of gases too can be produced from the plant.The majority of supplies are meant for Hospitals and Hydel Power Projects where these gases are mostly consumed for useful works, as said.