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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blue Moon and Mars as seen from Singtam, Sikkim

Today was a Blue Moon, a word more popular in phrases, as we often say once in a blue moon. A blue moon simply nothing but when two full moons fell in the same calendar month, an event that usually occurred every 2½ years, indeed a rare occasion.

I was wondering about some spectacular scenes across the sky but later on the  fog  failed my expectation.  The above photograph was taken at Singtam around 7,15 pm, and a small red dot near the moon is a planet Mars that happens to be a mere 61.7 million miles from Earth, isn't it interesting ?

Regional Community Development Seminar for The Bharat Scouts and Guides is in Progress at Himalayan Home, Khanikhola, Majhitar,

Rangpo, 30 January:
Five days long the Community Development Seminar for the Bharat Scouts & Guides, North East Region organized by NE Region, Guwahati had commenced today at Himalayan Home, Khani Khola, Majhitar Rangpo, Sikkim. Total 50 Nos of participants from Meghalaya, Sikkim, Manipur, Nagaland and Mizoram, with 20 nos of Rovers & ranger from Sikkim arrived yesterday and registered themselves.
In his inaugural address, Dr. H.P. Chhetri, State Chief Commissnor, BS&G, Sikkim welcomed the entire participant and highlighted the aims and objectives of the seminar. Mr. B.K. Singh, ROC, from National Head quarter, Guwahati will conduct the seminar as a Leader of the course along with other three staff member Mr. Kamaldhoj Lepcha,ASTC, Sikkim, Mr. Manorath Dahal, SOC (S), Sikkim, and Mr. Pavan Dey from N.F. Railway.
The objective of the seminar is to understand the role of scouting and guiding in the community and the concept of the community development. etc. The participants are scheduled to visit local area for surveying as it is the part of the seminar. The programme will be concluding on 2nd Feb. 2010.

mrs tilu gurung minister inagurating rural marketing center at maneydanda namthang under south sikkim

Mrs Tilu Gurung Minister inaugurating rural marketing center at Maneydanda Namthang under South Sikkim

 PIC: Sanjay Agarwal;


Friday, January 29, 2010

River Teesta

 from indiamike.com
 River Teesta from Sevoke Coronation Bridge

The River Teesta, said to be the lifeline of the Indian state of Sikkim, flows for almost the entire length of the state, carving out verdant Himalayan temperate and tropical river valleys. The emerald coloured river then forms the border between Sikkim and West Bengal before joining the Brahmaputra as a tributary in Bangladesh.

The river originates from Cho Lhamu Lake at an elevation of 5,330 m (17,500 feet) above sea level in the mighty Himalayas. This lake lies to the north of the Donkia Pass near Shetschen, where the summit of the pass is about eight kilometres north-east of Darjeeling as the crow flies.

The Teesta River is then fed by rivulets which arise in the Thangu, Yumthang and Donkia-La ranges. The river then flows past the town of Rangpo where it forms the border between Sikkim and West Bengal up to Teesta Bazaar. At Teesta Suspension Bridge, which joins Kalimpong with Darjeeling, the river is met by its main tributary, the Rangeet River. At this point, it changes course southwards flowing entirely into West Bengal. The river hits the plains at Sevoke, where it is spanned by the Coronation Bridge which links the north east states to the rest of India. The river then courses its way to Jalpaiguri and then to Rangpur District of Bangladesh, before finally merging with the mighty Brahmaputra at Fulcherry (in Bangladesh).

Through its course, river has carved out ravines and gorges in Sikkim meandering through the hills with the hill station Kalimpong lying just off the river. Variegated vegetation can be seen along this route. At lower elevations, tropical deciduous trees and shrubs cover the surrounding hills; alpine vegetation is seen at the upper altitudes. The river is flanked by white sand which is used by the construction industry in the region. Large boulders in and around the waters make it ideal for rafting enthusiasts.

Between the towns of Rangpo and Lohapul, the Teesta flows with a very strong current, ideal for white river rafting. Towns like Teesta Bazaar and Melli have facilities for group rafting. Though an innocuous looking river, the underlying current is very strong. In 1915, G.P. Robertson, the then Municipal Engineer of Darjeeling, while surveying the river, drowned after losing control of the boat in the turbulence. The boat then struck a partially hidden boulder and was sucked in by a whirlpool, leaving no trace of the occupants.

During the monsoons this humble river distends its banks; both in size and turbulence. Landslides in this region often dam up parts of the river in this season.

I receved my certificate of the Stamp Mania 2009 held at Baroda, Gujarat.

 Yesterday i received my certificate of the Stamp Mania 2009 held at Baroda, Gujarat. I had participated with the theme “Sikkim through Philately”.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Experiences from R-Day VVIP box

from sikkimexpress.com
Saroja Pradhan
(Saroja Pradhan had topped Sikkim University in MEd and was chosen to witness the Republic Day parade from the VVIP box at Rajpath in New Delhi)

I must say I have visited Delhi several times before but this time it was really different. I felt proud to be an Indian and represent my State and the Sikkim University. We were taken good care by the Ministry of HRDD, Government of India, who organized our stay at the Janpath Hotel for three nights. I was proud to be one among the 100 toppers from different universities and schools from all around the country. There was total feeling of national integrity as I got to meet and make friends with students from all around the country and share information about our State and the Sikkim University.

On the 26th after a lot of security checks we were taken to the parade vicinity. Our seats were reserved in the Prime Ministers box just beside the enclosure for the VVIP. We got to be next to the P.M, President, Vice President, the Chief Guest, the South Korean President, Lee Myung- bak and his wife. It was a moment of sheer honour as we were placed just behind the delegates from South Korea. I was really touched and felt really patriotic to see the awardees for the Ashoka Chakra as they were just beside us.

The most amazing moment was the “Tamang Selo”, I was so proud to say that the dance was from our state. As every other programme was performed in front of us what more could I have wished as this opportunity was really special and once in a life time experience to feel so special and important.

We were given certificates in appreciation for the academic achievement in our respective fields from different universities and as a guest of the Prime Minister to watch the Republic day parade from the PM’s box.
On the 27th, we were taken for Delhi sight–seeing as for many students it was their first visit to Delhi.

I am really honoured to have got this privilege and I would like to thank first the Principal of Harkamaya College of Education, Dr. Premlata Mohapatra, for the constant inspiration and her teachings, the Sikkim University for picking my name and the Ministry of HRDD, Government of India for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I hope this episode becomes an inspiration to all the students from Sikkim because to be a part of this is really make one feel special and important.


Paljor Stadium at Gangtok than just a Polo Ground

Paljor Stadium at Gangtok than just a Polo Ground

3rd State Rally of Sikkim State, Bharat Scouts & Guides held at Himalayan Home, Majhitar

      Dr H P CHETTRI

Rangpo, January 28:
The 3rd State Rally for the Bharat Scouts & Guides of Sikkim was concluded with the Grand Camp Fire yesterday at Himalayan Home, Khani Khola, East Sikkim. The programme had commenced from 24th January under the sponsorship of Sikkim State Association, The Bharat Scouts & Guides. Since there was no fund available from the State Government for 2009-10 till date, the programme was conducted on loan and a person or contribution from the participants. 129 nos. of Scouts & Guides from the different Senior Secondary Schools, Secondary Schools, and Jr. High Schools of Sikkim along with 11 unit leaders had participated in this 3rd State Rally. This Rally was held under the supervision of Dr. H.P. Chhetri, State Chief Commissnor, BS&G, Mr. D.R.Gurung, Leader of the Event, with six staff members from the State.

In his valedictory address, Sikkim State Chief Commissnor of BS&G & chief Guest of the ceremony Dr. H.P.Chhetri highlighted the aims and duties to the participating Scouts and Guides of Sikkim, Further he added that the minimum 10 nos. of Scouts & Guides from Sikkim will be sent for Rastrapati award after the selection from the Rajya Puruskar from this year. Mr. D.R.Gurung, Leader of the Events also addressed the ceremony & presented the camp reports of the events. During the event he added, Sensitization, Folk Songs, Folk Dances, Devotional Songs, Knotting, Lashing, and Pioneering were held.

Before concluding the event Dr. Chhetri distributed the certificate to the participants. After the vote of thanks of Mr. P.K.Shakya, State Secretary, State Chief Commissnor declared the end of the 5 days long 3rd State Rally.


Sikkim Manipal University listed among "blacklisted" colleges

Sikkim Manipal University is among the other 34 educational institutions in the state of Karnataka to have been given "un-authorised" status. Higher Education Minister Arvind Limbavali talking to press persons  on January 23rd told that, "More than 35 colleges including six, functioning with foreign collaboration will shut down in the near future."
The Commissioner of Collegiate Education recently received a government order authorizing to inspect records, registers and documents at these institutes, and conduct detailed inspections. These institutes found to be operating without the State government's sanction and requisite approval from the University Grants Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) or Distant Education Council have received a notification from the government.

"Only three colleges had replied to the government's show-cause notices," the Minister said, and added, "Now it is time for them to face the consequences."

He was non-committal on the fate of students studying in these institutions and said further decisions regarding the students will be taken after detailed inquiry.

For further read:


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dimple Pradhan first in B. Tech. in Ceramic Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Orissa.


Pakyong: People of Pakyong and the entire state should be proud of Miss Dimple Pradhan, daughter of Mr. Raju Pradhan, resident of Bhanuturning, Pakyong, East Sikkim, who stood first in B. Tech. in Ceramic Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Orissa.
She has been awarded a silver medal by the Institute for the year 2009 which she received from the hand of former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on the seventh convocation of the NIT held on 16th January 2010.
Miss Pradhan wants to do further study though many jobs have been offered to her, said her father. She was one of the students of St. Xavier’s School, who stood 1st in Class XII board examination after which she joined NIT.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Joys of Childhood


A mysterious contrail at “Sikkim sky show up” continues…..

I do not know how correct I am….. But a comparative study of the so called contrail photographs from other part of the world with that of those observed in Sikkim in the last two months draws a similar conclusion. It was more of a curiosity that drew my interest into this mysterical phenomenon that had many faces gazing across the sky in inquisitiveness. I too wanted to know, what were those thick lines of clouds that were sighted on certain places of Sikkim in the last two months? I have observed people say, those clouds-like arranged in a straight line looked like the smokes of some object, stayed on the sky for some time and vanished in air.

While I was preparing this article I was informed about a strange looking 6 feet long shining object that passed through the hills of Soreng at around 8 pm. An eyewitness told that the object was flying very low and it passed through the Nepal border.  Well still fresh in my mind is that photograph of UFO like object that was clicked from Sombaria last November and that too flew beyond the hills of Nepal. Just two days back I was shared few photographs of the so called contrails clicked by a friend of mine at Singtam and yesterday I received another photographs clicked from Tinkitam, South Sikkim of that same contrail. There is an interesting comparison of the two sightings of Singtam and Tinkitam. The Singtam sighting was captured at 7.37 am while the Tinkitam sighting was shot at 7.55 am. We can imagine how fast the object was traveling. I would also like to draw an attention from the Singtam sighting that I have tried to enlarge the tip of the contrail and to my surprise I could see a faintly visible spherical object. Whew!! What’s going on!!

We never knew since how long these Sikkim sky show up had been on Sikkim air? I had been writing on my “Proud to be a Sikkimese” about it. I had collected series of so called mysterious “thick white cloudy trails” from different part of Sikkim. Earlier reports came from Ravangla, Singtam, Namthang and even Gangtok, apart from that there were reports of such sightings from far off places like Central Pandam, Parakha, Machong and Sang Martam. The witnesses reported of having seen something “white” on sky that moved in a straight line with cloudy trails, which finally disappeared into the sky. But this week thanks to the Voice of Sikkim sms alert similar sightings of contrails had also been reported from West Sikkim and South Sikkim too.
There are mixed feedbacks from the people who had watched this strange contrail. In the initials reports of sightings people reported hearing thunderous sound but in recent sightings no sound had been recorded. The common beliefs of people are some jets or fighter planes leave trails on sky that they usually do in higher altitudes. I might be wrong but I have witnesses giving me details that these sightings are very close to the hills.
The knowledge bank, Wikipedia defines a term “contrail” that means “Contrails (short for "condensation trails") or vapour trails are basically artificial clouds, visible trails of condensed water vapour, made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets. If the air is cold enough, this trail will comprise tiny ice crystals.”

Artificial clouds!! In the past we have come across fighter planes moving around in the skies of Sikkim but as far as I recall my memory I have never seen any white lines of cloud left by them on their path. So what are these objects and why are they leaving the white clouds?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Save our heritage

from sikkimexpress.com

This is in response to an Auction Notice issued by the Office of the Superintending Engineer, Roads & Bridges Department, Gyalshing, Government of Sikkim, regarding the auction of bridge parts of the old Rathong Suspension Bridge on the Rimbi-Yuksom Road, which belongs to the above mentioned Department.
According to the Auction Notice, the salvage value of the bridge parts has been worked out at Rs. Four Lakhs Fifty Thousand, Nine Hundred Fifteen.

I would like to request the Secretary of the Department if the suspension bridges in these places can be left the way it is. Suspension bridges all over the world have lots of charm and historical significance. They are a huge tourist attraction as well. Tourist visiting rural areas of Sikkim would expect the rustic charm and suspension bridges add to the allure of the place.

It is indeed sad that suspension bridges in Sikkim are all dying out and very little or nothing is being done to restore and preserve them. It is very much part of Sikkim's engineering heritage and I wish we could save some and showcase it as a tourist attraction. I think it would be in Sikkim's interests to have these beautiful structures preserved for younger generations.

Milan Rai,


The first book in the linguistic study of Rong language

"A Grammar of the Rong (Lepcha) Language, as it exists in the Dorjeeling and Sikkim Hills' by Colonel G.B. Mainwaring of Bengal Staff Corps is the first book in the linguistic study of Rong language. By the favour of the British government in India, he was enable to present to the public a short grammar of the Rong in 1876, fifty six years after the publication of the first Nepali Grammar by J.A.Ayton, both printed at Calcutta."

Tsering Dorjee was awarded black belt Go-dan degree from International Karate Do Gojukai Association (IKGA), World Headquarter, Tokyo

Tsering Dorjee, a young Tibetan from Gangtok, Sikkim, was awarded black belt Go-dan degree from International Karate Do Gojukai Association (IKGA), World Headquarter, Tokyo, Japan after going through the rigorous test and competitions in Tokyo. Go-dan degree, equivalent to PhD degree is considered to be one of the highest accomplishments in martial arts world.

source: www.phayul.com

Friday, January 22, 2010

Contrails shot from Tinkitam on January 18th, 2010



This contrail is shot from Tinkitam on January 18th, 2010, according to the photographer the contrail went through the direction of  Dentam to Gangtok across Kewzing, as he had viewed from Tinkitam. The shot was taken at 7.55 am. It is interesting to note that on the same day at Singtam the contrail had passed through 7.37 am.

Rusma Rai, the stunt girl from Sikkim

Rusma Rai, a Sikkimese actress was in a news for her film "Mission love in Sikkim". She had jumped down 120 feet from a Fistel Air Helicopter in one of the stunt scene. To her comparison actor Nikhil Upreti known for his stunt that has great demand in Nepali film had jumped only from 50 feet height.

pic: Himalayadarpan

The ‘Kham-sum-ongdu’, the coat of arms of the Namgyal dynasty

This information was provided by Tenzin C. Tashi

The ‘Kham-sum-ongdu’, the coat of arms of the Namgyal dynasty melds oriental symbolism with British heraldry. The symbol of religious and political government, the ‘Kham-sum-ongdu’ literally means the conqueror of the three worlds or ‘lokas’, these being:

1. ‘Kama loka’ – the world of sensual pleasure
2. ‘Rupadhatu loka’ – the realm of the material world ...
3. ‘Arupadhatu loka’ – the spiritual world or world of formless spirits

The two griffins symbolise the mythological horse of Indra as well as Tachog Balaha, one of the manifestations of Avalokiteshvara or Chenrezig.

The twelve rings within the shield represent the ‘twelve interdependent contributories of origination of all phenomenon.’

The eight lotus petals symbolize the Eight Fold Path which is to bring peace and harmony to Sikkim.

The helmet, symbolising the defensive force of our land is crested by a conch shell which depicts the propagation of Dharma in Sikkim.

The Kham-sum-ongdu has now been adopted by the Government of Sikkim as its official emblem.


Ram Gauri Sangralaya attends museum workshop at Bhopal

Ram Gauri Sangralaya from Rhenock had been selected to attend the workshop on Conservation of Wood and Textile and other Ethnographic objects at Bhopal. The five day long workshop started from January 19th till January 23rd was organised by Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manv Sangrahalaya, Ministry of Culture Govt. of India, Bhopal.

Speaking from Bhopal, Ganesh Pradhan, President of Ram Gauri Sangralaya told that they are taught about the importance of preserving the materials. They were taken to the museum out there and necessary information about its maintenance was provided. The participating organisation included groups from North East States and others, he added. Pradhan have thanked Cultural Affairs & Heritage Department, Govt. of Sikkim for giving their museum an opportunity to attend such quality workshop that was very essential to them. Ram Gauri Sangralaya is represented by Ganesh Pradhan, Deepen Pradhana and Subhash Pradhan.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why are they leaving contrails?

Now what is this flying object above the contrails sighted from Singtam

I do not know how correct I am but….a comparative studies of the so called contrails photographs from other part of the word with that of those observed in Sikkim in the last two months draws a similar conclusion. It was more of a curiosity that drew my interest into this mysterical phenomenon that had many faces gazing across the sky in inquisitiveness. I too wanted to know, what were those thick lines of clouds that were sighted on certain places of Sikkim in the last two months? I have observed people say, those clouds arranged in a straight line looked like the smokes of some object, stayed on the sky for some time and vanished in air.

The knowledge bank, Wikipedia defines a term “contrail” that means “Contrails (short for "condensation trails") or vapour trails are basically artificial clouds, visible trails of condensed water vapour, made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets. If the air is cold enough, this trail will comprise tiny ice crystals.”

In the past we have come across fighter planes moving around in the skies of Sikkim but as far as I recall my memory I have never seen any white lines of cloud left by them on their path. So what are these objects and why are they leaving the white clouds?


Mrs Saroja Pradhan and Umesh Pradhan selected to witness the parade from the Prime Minister’s Box

A total of 100 meritorious students from all over India are invited every year to witness the Republic Day Parade from the Prime Minister’s Box. A moment of great prestige and recognition for the two year old Sikkim University this year as two of its students have been selected to witness the parade from the Prime Minister’s Box. The two students were selected out of the ten names recommended by the Sikkim University.

 Mrs. Saroja Pradhan from Harkamaya College of Education , Tadong, Sikkim
& Mr. Umesh Pradhan from Damber Singh College, Tadong, Sikkim.

Mrs Saroja Pradhan, has done her M Ed from Harkamaya College of Education in the year 200-8-2009, was the topper in her batch scoring 75.88%. She has recently been deputed as Lecturer in the Govt. B.Ed College at Soreng. Umesh Pradhan, a student of Damber Sing College  in the session 2008-09, was also the topper with 71% . He completed his graduation in Library Science.

Umesh Pradhan, a student of Damber Sing College  in the session 2008-09, was also the topper with 71% . He completed his graduation in Library Science. Umesh is presently working as a Library Assistant at the Surendra Institution of Engineering and Management.

Both these students were the first batch to complete their degrees under the new syllabus introduced by Sikkim University. They are also the first batch who were  introduced to the Semester system. Of which both the students are highly appreciative and they feel that the semester system has been a boon in disguise for them. It helped them to be more focused. This system also allows for more interaction between the teacher and the taught.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can anyone help me on Sikkim emblem ?

This picture had always attracted me but i know very little about it..can anyone share more light on it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are this chemtrail or UFO !!




Increased resolution that shows some spherical-like object at the tip of the Singtam sightings.

Monday, January 18, 2010

More of Singtam cloudy contrail

This photographs shared by Prashant Pandey, student of East Point SSS shows the cloudy trails left by the object that passed through Singtam today. The photograph was taken from Lower Sawaney, West Pandam.

Unknown white flying smokey object reappears; passes through Singtam

The thick white smokey lines that were observed on different part of Sikkim last November again reappeared today. The unidentified smokey lines passed through the heart of the Singtam bazaar to the other side of the hill was witnessed by large crowds at around 7.37 am this morning. Shekher Pradhan who took the photographs told that the object did not have any sound and could not be identified whether it was fighter plane or not. He added the object had its white smokes following a path and it took a little over 5 minutes to cross the Singtam sky.

It should be noted that similar smokey lines was reported from the places of  Ravangla, Namthang, Singtam and even Gangtok last November that was followed by reporting of 5 UFO like objects at Sombaria.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Search for Heritage Tree continues…

I simply loved the theme.....a search for the biggest / oldest tree of Sikkim. No doubt this hunt for the Biodiversity Heritage Trees is an opening in understanding the floras of ancient Sikkim.  Sikkim celebrates the centenary of the Sikkim Forest Department and the motive behind this exploration is worth an applaud form the Government. It is also said that person providing the information of such tress shall also be awarded.
The result of the preliminary survey has the following statistics:
North Sikkim: 9 trees including a Juniper with girth of c 42 ft.
South Sikkim: 13 trees including a pipalay kabra with girth of 29 ft, height 95 ft.
East Sikkim: 10 trees including a “bar” with girth 33 ft, height 150 ft.
West Sikkim: Three famous pine in Dubdi, Yuksom complex with girth 21 ft, height 150 ft.
source: Now Newspaper


Muhurat of Nepali film at Samardung near 20th mile

Muhurat of Nepali film at Samardung near 20th mile

PIC: Sanjay Agarwal

Phulmani Pradhan : the first lady doctor in Darjeeling

Phulmani Pradhan from Nepali Girls' High School, took her medical training in Calcutta, and was the first lady doctor in Darjeeling. Jyotsna (child in photo with Phulmani) was later a teacher at Mt. Hermon School.

source: http://www.nepal.lib.ed.ac.uk/

Friday, January 15, 2010

Singtam Mela at a glance




Singtam Mela at a glance

Kapil Thapa {4th Indian Idol Runners Up}: Shital Pradhan's Autograph Collection

2011, Singtam
 Autograph taken during the website launch of Kapil Thapa at Singtam

2017, Rangpo

Indian Idol 4 Runner up Kapil Thapa hails from Dehradun

Autograph taken on 31.12.2017, Rangpo

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chetan Sapkota: Born to lead

 Born to lead – his motto has made Chetan Sapkota different from rest of his age group friend. The second son of D.P.Sapkota and Geeta Sapkota (Raley Khesay), this 26 year old lad from Singtam is the face of societal gathering across different places of Sikkim, today. Chetan Sapkota represents the youth of Sikkim. Despite his education upto standard twelve, he had been able to grab an attention of lot since his academic years. Former Cultural Secretary, Vice Sports Secretary at All Sikkim Student Association, Joint Secretary and later on General Secretary of Truck Driver Association (Singtam) Sapkota has proved his mettle.  He was the Chief Assistant Director in the documentary “Sikkim on the path to progress” produced by the IPR Department and even had done some acting stint in a Nepali motion film Sanjivani.  Recently he was one of the 13 youth selected from the state of Sikkim for the week long training at Mumbai on “Role of Trade Union in Present Economic Scenario”.  Excerpts from a conversation with the ES.

From an ordinary guy to the much sought after faces of the societal-environment at Sikkim, how do you regulate yourself?  
It amazes me too! Couple of year back my identity was restricted among my friend’s circle only but to this day after my association with different social cause in and around Singtam, I am getting noticed. I am delighted my works towards social cause is appreciated. I am to this field for my personal gratification and I am not lured by the name and fame I am getting through it. I will work for my state devoid of any individual paybacks.

What is it that wedged your fascination towards the social order?
It was down the moment when I happened to realise the influence of youth. Since then I have dedicated my life for the betterment of the society. Personally speaking being part of a society, we general public lack approach towards social causes. I am a keen follower of Chief Minister’s vision towards betterment of the state I believe each one of us should understand our responsibility. If done I am sure we will live in an enhanced tomorrow. Dreams are around. I do social work for my self satisfaction.

You were one of the bastions of Prashant Tamang’s triumph as for from Sikkim, you were the most recognisable face out here. Now your hard work have paid off, how do you feel?
As a hills representative, what Prashant Tamang achieved was breath-taking. He was one raison d'être that bonded different religions, customs and cultures across Nepali culture maniacs. We should always remain indebted towards him for gathering integration beyond geographical and political boundaries. The unity we showed for Prashant Tamang must remain forever.        

What do you feel about the youth of Sikkim?
The youth of Sikkim is very conscious about the future of tomorrow. As it is often said youths are the potential builders of the future, I too am acquainted with it. I go by the saying of the great American leader President Kennedy who once said “It is not important what a country can do for you, but it is important what you can do to you country”. We should be proud to be born in this peaceful land of Sikkim and if all the youth of this state join their hand, together we can make our state stand in the world map. The future of this state is very bright as we have a dynamic and visionary leader Dr. Pawan Chamling to lead us, who put his vision into action. Sikkim’s present is good then future will definitely remain good, so to make our future bright we the youth of Sikkim should work together and be conscious enough to support each other in addition to build our state bright and prosperous.

Finally, Social Service and Politics goes side by side. Your comments.    
Both needs lots of sacrifices and should be free of personal benefits. If both of them coalesce that would append to our state’s identity. It is without doubt an opportunity, a huge platform of expression for societal activities. For me, it would be functioning closer from the grassroots. 

 First published in Explore Sikkim


Vote Darjeeling band Grungy Morphins for MetalFest 2010

Grungy Morphins, a band from Darjeeling is representing Indian Metal Music in an International Music Festival in Austria for which they need Votes to be able to be a part of it. They are currently in 7th position out of 296 Bands in total from across the world. They need to be in top 3 slots to be able to perform. The last date for Voting is 31st of January 2010.

The winners shall have an opportunity to play with bands like; 1} Sepultura, 2} Deicide, 3} Testament, 4} Death Angel, 5} Behemoth, 6} Bolthrower to name a few in Austria in "MetalFest 2010".

For voting click the link:


Please Note:  no false voting as all voting has to be genuine and if there is false e-mail address given than the nomination for Grungy Morphins shall be terminated.

For more on Grungy Morphins do check the videos on You Tube:






and also please refer to





VOL 1 NO 1

Editor -in-Chief

Design Editor

Price : Rs.  40


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Treaty between India and Sikkim (1950)


Treaty between India and Sikkim 1950


Monday, January 11, 2010

Kapil Thapa thrills Namchi crowds



Kapil Thapa, Indian Idol 4 runner up thrills Namchi crowds dancing in his tune at Namchi Community Hall.


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