Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chetan Sapkota: Born to lead

 Born to lead – his motto has made Chetan Sapkota different from rest of his age group friend. The second son of D.P.Sapkota and Geeta Sapkota (Raley Khesay), this 26 year old lad from Singtam is the face of societal gathering across different places of Sikkim, today. Chetan Sapkota represents the youth of Sikkim. Despite his education upto standard twelve, he had been able to grab an attention of lot since his academic years. Former Cultural Secretary, Vice Sports Secretary at All Sikkim Student Association, Joint Secretary and later on General Secretary of Truck Driver Association (Singtam) Sapkota has proved his mettle.  He was the Chief Assistant Director in the documentary “Sikkim on the path to progress” produced by the IPR Department and even had done some acting stint in a Nepali motion film Sanjivani.  Recently he was one of the 13 youth selected from the state of Sikkim for the week long training at Mumbai on “Role of Trade Union in Present Economic Scenario”.  Excerpts from a conversation with the ES.

From an ordinary guy to the much sought after faces of the societal-environment at Sikkim, how do you regulate yourself?  
It amazes me too! Couple of year back my identity was restricted among my friend’s circle only but to this day after my association with different social cause in and around Singtam, I am getting noticed. I am delighted my works towards social cause is appreciated. I am to this field for my personal gratification and I am not lured by the name and fame I am getting through it. I will work for my state devoid of any individual paybacks.

What is it that wedged your fascination towards the social order?
It was down the moment when I happened to realise the influence of youth. Since then I have dedicated my life for the betterment of the society. Personally speaking being part of a society, we general public lack approach towards social causes. I am a keen follower of Chief Minister’s vision towards betterment of the state I believe each one of us should understand our responsibility. If done I am sure we will live in an enhanced tomorrow. Dreams are around. I do social work for my self satisfaction.

You were one of the bastions of Prashant Tamang’s triumph as for from Sikkim, you were the most recognisable face out here. Now your hard work have paid off, how do you feel?
As a hills representative, what Prashant Tamang achieved was breath-taking. He was one raison d'être that bonded different religions, customs and cultures across Nepali culture maniacs. We should always remain indebted towards him for gathering integration beyond geographical and political boundaries. The unity we showed for Prashant Tamang must remain forever.        

What do you feel about the youth of Sikkim?
The youth of Sikkim is very conscious about the future of tomorrow. As it is often said youths are the potential builders of the future, I too am acquainted with it. I go by the saying of the great American leader President Kennedy who once said “It is not important what a country can do for you, but it is important what you can do to you country”. We should be proud to be born in this peaceful land of Sikkim and if all the youth of this state join their hand, together we can make our state stand in the world map. The future of this state is very bright as we have a dynamic and visionary leader Dr. Pawan Chamling to lead us, who put his vision into action. Sikkim’s present is good then future will definitely remain good, so to make our future bright we the youth of Sikkim should work together and be conscious enough to support each other in addition to build our state bright and prosperous.

Finally, Social Service and Politics goes side by side. Your comments.    
Both needs lots of sacrifices and should be free of personal benefits. If both of them coalesce that would append to our state’s identity. It is without doubt an opportunity, a huge platform of expression for societal activities. For me, it would be functioning closer from the grassroots. 

 First published in Explore Sikkim