Thursday, January 28, 2010

Experiences from R-Day VVIP box

Saroja Pradhan
(Saroja Pradhan had topped Sikkim University in MEd and was chosen to witness the Republic Day parade from the VVIP box at Rajpath in New Delhi)

I must say I have visited Delhi several times before but this time it was really different. I felt proud to be an Indian and represent my State and the Sikkim University. We were taken good care by the Ministry of HRDD, Government of India, who organized our stay at the Janpath Hotel for three nights. I was proud to be one among the 100 toppers from different universities and schools from all around the country. There was total feeling of national integrity as I got to meet and make friends with students from all around the country and share information about our State and the Sikkim University.

On the 26th after a lot of security checks we were taken to the parade vicinity. Our seats were reserved in the Prime Ministers box just beside the enclosure for the VVIP. We got to be next to the P.M, President, Vice President, the Chief Guest, the South Korean President, Lee Myung- bak and his wife. It was a moment of sheer honour as we were placed just behind the delegates from South Korea. I was really touched and felt really patriotic to see the awardees for the Ashoka Chakra as they were just beside us.

The most amazing moment was the “Tamang Selo”, I was so proud to say that the dance was from our state. As every other programme was performed in front of us what more could I have wished as this opportunity was really special and once in a life time experience to feel so special and important.

We were given certificates in appreciation for the academic achievement in our respective fields from different universities and as a guest of the Prime Minister to watch the Republic day parade from the PM’s box.
On the 27th, we were taken for Delhi sight–seeing as for many students it was their first visit to Delhi.

I am really honoured to have got this privilege and I would like to thank first the Principal of Harkamaya College of Education, Dr. Premlata Mohapatra, for the constant inspiration and her teachings, the Sikkim University for picking my name and the Ministry of HRDD, Government of India for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I hope this episode becomes an inspiration to all the students from Sikkim because to be a part of this is really make one feel special and important.