Monday, January 18, 2010

Unknown white flying smokey object reappears; passes through Singtam

The thick white smokey lines that were observed on different part of Sikkim last November again reappeared today. The unidentified smokey lines passed through the heart of the Singtam bazaar to the other side of the hill was witnessed by large crowds at around 7.37 am this morning. Shekher Pradhan who took the photographs told that the object did not have any sound and could not be identified whether it was fighter plane or not. He added the object had its white smokes following a path and it took a little over 5 minutes to cross the Singtam sky.

It should be noted that similar smokey lines was reported from the places of  Ravangla, Namthang, Singtam and even Gangtok last November that was followed by reporting of 5 UFO like objects at Sombaria.