Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nehru received the news of death of Gabbar Singh on his 70th birthday as a birthday gift !!

I was going through an article from a book "The British, The Bandits And The Bordermen," and there is something i could not help myself from sharing with my readers. It is an interesting anecdote, it could had been more serious then but i could not let off my smile from it while reading it now. The book is more of a biographical account of Border Security Force's founder director general late K F Rustamji. The book is based on more than 3,500 pages of Rustamji's diaries and the articles present first person account about some of the tumultuous developments like Partition, Chinese aggression and the Indo-Pak war.

One of an article writes about an unique gift Jawaharlal Nehru received on his 70th birthday from Madhya Pradesh Police. The gift was nothing than a news " of death of dreaded dacoit Gabbar Singh, who went on to achieve cult status post-"Sholay".  Rustamji writes "Gabbar Singh and his gang had been killed in a bold encounter in Bhind district the previous evening that is November 13. I conveyed the news and that was the gift that the Madhya Pradesh Police presented. He appeared happy,". According to Rustamji, Gabbar was a nose-chopper and vowed to cut off the noses of 116 people. "He had already succeeded with 26. He was one of the most brutal in the ignoble gallery of the Madhya Pradesh dacoits,".