Sunday, March 21, 2010

Singtam celebrates 23rd Basibiyalo; felicitates senior poet Raj K Shrestha

SINGTAM: The town of Singtam celebrated and enjoyed the 23rd Basibiyalo program that was held at East Point SSS premises with noted personalities from Sikkim Nepali literature participating in it. The Basibiyalo program conducted and organised under the leadership of Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” is the talk of the town with all age of life participating in it and its success story had also been appreciated beyond Singtam. Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” is the major factor behind the program.
The personality attending the function included Raj K Shrestha, Dhruva Lohagan, Deo Kumar Dumi, Lalita Karkidoli, Amar Baniya Lohoro, Arjun Piyush, BB Rai, HN Sharma, Ganesh Rai, Bishnu Rai, Radha Pradhan and others. The Chief Guest Dhruva Lohagan lighted the diyo that was followed by the introductory poem recitation by Mrs Jayashree Chettri. The poet to follow after her included Prakash Subedi “Khamdungea”, Radha Pradhan, Amar Bania “Lohoro”, Arjun Piyush, Dev Narayan Sharma, Bhupal Kaushik and Prahlad Poudyal. The entertainment aspect of the day long program was also given preference with noted singers Deu Kumar Dumi and Lalita Karkidoli singing in front of the gathered audience and with RP Sharma and Kaziman Sunar performing stand-up comedy and miniatures respectively. Dance items by Yankee Tamang and Singlila Academy School, Singtam were also highly appreciated by the gathered audiences.  
The major highlight of the program was the felicitation of Raj K Shrestha for his lifelong service towards Sikkim Nepali Literature. The memento was presented to Raj K Shrestha by the Chief Guest. A biography of Raj K Shrestha with his contributions towards Sikkim Nepali literature was read out by Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” and Mrs. Seema Pradhan respectively. Raj K Shrestha on his speech thanked Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” and the Basibiyalo team for recognizing his works. He further went on to give brief information about how the Basibiyalo program started up. Chief Guest Dhurva Lohagan in his speech pointed out the importance of such literary talks that would give better face to the society. TB Pradhan gave the vote of thanks.    
Basibiyalo, a monthly literary programme that has completed 23rd sessions provides a platform for people interested in literature and cultural activities to showcase their talents before the crowds. Recitation of poems, short stories, debates, critics along with cultural activates like singing and dancing are also presented on the occasion. The significant contribution of Basibiyalo at Singtam features felicitation of local individual who had been an asset to the society. In the last two sessions, Mrs. Anu Pradhan, former Miss Sikkim and a dance choreographer followed by Pritam Singh Rai, from Samurdung who saved the lives of people from the river during the SNT Bus accident few years ago were given due recognisation for their contribution towards better society respectively.