Saturday, April 03, 2010

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling to take Priyanka Tiwari death mystery matter seriously

It is really nice to hear about the assured assistance of the Chief Minister of Sikkim in Priyanka Tiwari's death mystery. According to the news published in Voice of Sikkim, the deceased father K. Tiwari had a meeting with the Chief Minister on Thursday and placed all the related documents. CM had assured to take the matter seriously to the Central Home Ministry and also seek for CBI investigation.  Chief Minister further told hat our Sikkimese youths those who are studying and working across the country and outside the country will be fully escorted by whatever lawful mean. Treating this incident as most unlikely for Sikkim, the Priyanka Tiwari case will be justified thoroughly, he said.

Talking to media over the phone the deceased father said that till date no any autopsy report is being prepared which should have been done within a couple of days by investigating the body. He also claimed that while enquiring about the status either the officer’s phone gets disconnected or investigating officer makes a narrow escape by telling ‘Wrong Number’. He also said that over the phone if he says ‘I am calling from Sikkim …’ immediately the official’s phone gets disconnected!
It may be noted that after a media infringement, a secondary step was taken by Kolkata Police by transferring Investigating Officer ASI Tapan Das replacing him with Chandan Chakraborty. It may further be noted that ASI Tapan Das took the first hand reporting of the said case and tried to bifurcate the said case annoyingly. Police claimed to have undoubtly raised a murder syndrome in the case when the matter got heated up in a public was told, writes Voice of Sikkim in their website.

Mr Tiwari said to the media that till date his daughter’s mobile is under police custody in Bogoitey Police Station which in fact can reveal some light into a case, he told. “The spot where my daughter’s murder took place was tampered and even now the place is carelessly abandoned which should had been sealed unless the investigation was completed. He told that the entire episode of incident points finger towards suspicious murder and matter of fact is that all crucial characters involved into a case is openly moving around. Reiterating to his previous tone, Mr Tiwari stated that he would not live in rest unless whole picture is unveiled as such that will help other girls get a justice living outside their State in future. I will not let the horrible incident repeat against any girls or boys from remote state who are living outside, I am now more concerned for them! ”, said a father of deceased daughter.

It should be noted that the intervening police ward of Bogoitey Police Station Kolkota had filed a case under suicide, until the national media and local media of Sikkim had not pressurized the incident would have rested in vain, said the father K. Tiwari of deceased girl. My girl in no any cause could take such a harsh step, there is some mischievous involved into a case which is clear in all aspects. Series of threats over the phone was received by the poor family for not indulging into a high profile case by a roommate of Priyanka Tiwari, a girl named Prakriti Chandra.