Friday, May 28, 2010

East Point SSS student scores “Perfect 10” in CBSE 10th results

Singtam, May 28: It was a golden day for the East Point SSS at Golitar, Singtam where one of its students Navin Kumar Trivedi scored a “perfect 10” in this year CBSE 10th examination results. Navin Kumar Trivedi hailing from Singtam bazaar had scored the highest Grade Point i.e. “10” along with “A1” Grade in each of the five subjects he had undergone. His subjects include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. According to the newly introduced grading system “Grade Point 10” is given to the students who scores between 91 marks to 100 marks. Ten students from EPSSS had scored first division while the school pass percentage is 90 % with no failed students. Speaking to this reporter Navin Trivedi told that he is very happy about his performances. He said he had not done any extra labour on his study; he had work hard as any other fellow students had done. He wants to build up his career in medical, he told.
Along with Navin Kumar Trivedi other three students Shubham Prasad, Arindram Mishra and Ashish Kumar Singh went on to achieve Grade 9.6, Grade 9.4 and Grade 9.2 respectively. Five students went on to score Grade 10 in mathematics, those included Navin Kumar Trivedi, Shubham Prasad, Arindram Mishra, Ashish Kumar Singh and Deobratp Ishwar. Shubham Prasad, Arindram Mishra and Ashish Kumar Singh also went on to score Grade Point 10 in three individual subjects respectively.
Speaking on the occasion ND Mishra, Mathematics teacher of the East Point SSS added it was a great occasion for the school management and we are really proud of the students. These students had really worked hard and it was their efforts that has been paid, said Mishra. He informed the news was celebrated by using fire crackers in school premises. Sunita Subba, Principal said the credit of the good performances of the students was not possible without the hard works of the teachers, students and their family members.  
Dhan Kumar Subba, Chairman of EPSSS told that the coming Monday, a holiday had been officially announced after the success of the CBSE class x results. It was for the first time in the history of the school since its establishment in 1986 an official school holiday had been observed. Subba further said we are happy to say that five students from EPSSS had been selected from the NERIST Entrance Examination.

Navin Kumar Trivedi (left) and Subham Prasad (right)

It should be noted that in one of the popular daily newspaper from Gangtok had named the examination performance of EPSSS for class xii as ‘poor’ along with other schools across the state. Dhan Kumar Subba stated that the performances of the school were not a detailed account. The newspaper failed to mention that EPSSS runs only a Science Streams and the pass percentage of the school was more than 50 % that was shown less in the printed matter. The newspaper also had failed to mention that there were seven students that went on to score first division in the examination with Diwakar Gurung scoring the highest 79.8 percentage. Divakar Gurung went on to score 91 marks in Chemistry, 86 marks in Maths and 85 marks in Physics. EPSSS management is disappointed that we could had bettered our performances but in no sense it can be termed as poor, he added.