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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is child marriage allowed in Sikkim?

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Proud to be a Sikkimese 

Angela Bhutia
don't know about being allowed but is still prevalent in rural parts of Sikkim if im not mistaken.
Monalisa Chhetri
Is it in India? I don't thnk so!! But have seen many cases where kids of about 14 yrs of age got married nd nobody did anythng bout it.
And @Angela:I have seen it happen in nd around Gangtok which, I don't think,at all comes under the "so-called" rural area!
Rikden Tshering Bhutia
fuck no..... thr shd be tough law against it... rigorous fine or imprisonment...
Angela Bhutia
ook well id never heard of such cases in around gangtok so..
so weird though... thanks for the info btw~~
Dechen Dolkar
Dun thnk itz prevlnt in sikkim,,,hv nva hrd uf sch a thng in rural areaz as wel, te ppl r vry awre tt chld mariage iz a punisble crime, mreovr te parntz dun wna push tr chldrn esp galz into ds atrociti lokin 4m te health perspctive..

Shirshak Karki
i dn think so.......................
this system is usually not seen in our state......
may be there was...previously but now ..............no...no... i dn think so
Proud to be a Sikkimese
i am working in a village called Burung that is 6 km from Singtam, in the past 5 years i have seen atleast seven cases where the children below 15 got married and believe me most of them was a marriage ceremony attended by people around.
Angela Bhutia
omg... so It still does exist!
Bharat Basistha
Rikden Tshering Bhutia
report these cases to the authorities n those involved in that inhuman n unnatural act...

Sanjyog Rai
such cases happens in sikkim.....not bcoz parents force them........but they do it by themselves......falling in love so early....n...eloping...
Dechen Dolkar
Ttz reali sad.. T c chldrn gtn married iz te wrst scenario,, te parntz n te ppl mst realse tt ty r sntchnin awy tr chldhood.. 7 sch cases in sikkim iz vry shckin.. Awrenes mst b sprd amg sch ppl,,t save te innocnt kids fm bein jeopardzd..
Dechen Dolkar
Ttz reali sad.. T c chldrn gtn married iz te wrst scenario,, te parntz n te ppl mst realse tt ty r sntchnin awy tr chldhood.. 7 sch cases in sikkim iz vry shckin.. Awrenes mst b sprd amg sch ppl,,t save te innocnt kids fm bein jeopardzd..
Angela Bhutia
well you can't really blame the parents... can you
they've actually gone through the same thing and being illiterate at the same time, they aren't left with many options than to carry on the legacy and to get their kids married off at an early age....
what we can do.... is spread this around and TALK to those deprived families and most importantly emphasize the importance of a widespread necessary basic education to every individual be it a boy or a girl!!!
Dechen Paden Nadhingpa
CHILD MARRIAGE: stl bein prevalent sure brings chills down my spine. We as individuals hv been so engrosd in our own world of money, fast cars, materialistic luxury tht we fail to luk around n help a young girl smile. Wht have we got to loose othr thn spare a few minutes into givin in saving a childs life. Sikkim hs so far been untouchd wit child ... See Moremarriage or mandatory polygamy s per my knowldge bt if these acts r stl throwin lite, we shd help them stop. Snatchin a child's innocence is a crime, sm hv ardy been punishd othrs stl waitin in sm corner wit brilliant eyes, fr an atrocity to be beningned on them. SAVE* HELP.
Proud to be a Sikkimese
the large scale of drop out of schools results in early marriage.....in relevant in most of the rural cases i believe.
pЯatz-Яawr DisoЯderly
noooooo....it sud nat b allowed....i hope its nat allowed...
Chetan Sharma
the level of awareness is being taken into consideration...hav heard advertisements aired on radio...a good start i believe coz it does emphasize on the negative aspects of early marriage...especially for the girl chlid!
Bhaila Jigs Bhutia
Child marraige is restraint by law act 1929. But still numerous cases of child marriage are reported every year the fact of this mis-happenings taking place is simple reason of illiteracy , Dowry Policy , Poverty and many more some reasons unknown, Female child is often described as a burden mainly due to dowry policy and is often ignored to ... See Moreproper education , and most often female child to fall on the above category are victims of child marriage. In-order to eradicate Child marriage completely (it is tough but not impossible) first basic problems leading to child marriage must be eradicated for instance like Illiteracy (esp amongst female child) , Poverty , Dowry Policy and many more but the most important reason behind all is Corruption. Corruption and Poverty go hand in hand Poverty exist because Corruption does so and strongly. Not only Poverty but also illiteracy , Dowry etc etc. are also caused by corruption to a large extend.

Bishal Khambu Rai
Dont know its allowed or not.. but I feel that it should not be allowed..not only in Sikkim but throughout the world.


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