Sunday, May 30, 2010

LO Edwards former Wynberg-Allen School's Headmaster writes to his student in Sikkim

LO Edwards (circled) in group photographs of Wynberg-Allen School Staffs

The two articles i wrote about the reunion of Wynberg-Allen School members, Mussoorie When the Alwynian met after 41 years in Sikkim - i and its second part When the Alwynian met after 41 years in Sikkim - ii holds special to me. The articles was itself a historical moment of an account of reunion of old school teachers meeting up their old students at Gangtok, late November. My Dhaba, Ghanashyam Pradhan at Parakha, was able to contact Shanker Menon his old friend at Oman through my blog and i am happy i was the medium between them.

This time around my Dhaba had contacted with Mr LO Edwards, his old Head Master at Wynberg-Allen School and is very pleased to share the letter send by his old Head Master through this blog. He wish if any of his old friends come across this articles they can contact him.