Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tashiding Monastery: A sacred Guru Rimpoche blessed –IV

Without doubt the land of Sikkim is full of mystery; more you believe you get closer to understand the mystery hidden inside it, the legend that guides this mystic land smiles back. I have often heard stories about mysterious magical tales that relives the world of that fantasy learned people still accept as true once Sikkim to be part off.  Some enveloped in the forms of footprints of learned men, some strange symbols said to be the foot prints of animals, statues that pour tears or even those that sweats. There are many more such examples to follow but I believe these mysterious happenings are beyond common man’s understandings. Only the time immortal has the secrets to these mysteries.  


Tashiding is one of the mysterious places and here also lies few mysterious materials that these materialistic worlds find it difficult to consider. As I have said earlier on my first article, this was my first visit to this mystic place and as I feel I missed out few other things which shall be dealt some other day. We were three at this Tashiding tour, myself, Saila Kaka (my father’s younger brother) and Praveen Daju, my cousin brother. Through this article I would like to talk about four strange looking rocks around the vicinity of Tashiding Monastery, the local people still reason to have some mystical relations. All these rocks are in a half a dozen step distance from one another. 

The first of the four rock has a small hole on it and the legends goes as if a person’s finger go through that hole with a closed eyes from 10-12 footstep walk for three successive times, it is believed his wished are fulfilled. Kaka tried many times but each time he came closer to it but did not succeed, even Praveen Daju made a valiant effort without success. But for me lady luck was on my side I succeeded in my first instance but did not try to attempt it later on. I was simply not confident on the other occasion. 

Next to it was a small rock where it is believed that resting down knee at that rock for three times could heal the pain of joints! Hard to judge but a faith is all that can do, I tried it out and I was followed by rest of my tour mates. I do sometimes feel pain on my joints but I do not know whether there was some hitch on my faith that I did not have any difference on the pain I am still continuing with. 

To its left lied a rock where our local tour guide whom we had found at the monastery informed us to have healing power if we rub our back against it. As to our local guide’s instructions we all did it. 

The last of the mysterious rocks that we came across that day was the one in which there was a crack in the middle and it is believed that on an auspicious day one can hear sound of mantras being chanted or sometimes even strange sounds of river water flowing are heard, our guide told us. 

We were told about other strange healing rocks that were found at that vicinity but due to poor light we had to hurry back to our vehicle. There was hope that some other day we might return back just to take glimpse of those mysterious rocks that has been the guardian deity to this mystic Tashiding.