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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Singtam Basibiyalo felicitates renowned musician Deo Kumar Dumi

Singtam:  28th  monthly Basibiyalo meet was conducted at East Point SSS premises at Singtam today that was attended by popular personalities from different fields of activities. The day long programme conducted under the leadership of Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” is a big hit in and around Singtam and has become the most anticipated event at Singtam in recent times. 

Prominent personalities present on the occasion were literary figures of Nepali literature Maha Kavi Chakrapani Bhattarai, Dr. Rajendra Bhandari, RK Shrestha, Singtam Municipality Councilor Anita Tamang, Social worker Ganesh Rai, Musician Deo Kumar Dumi, Indian Idol contestant Prakash Sundas, Sunita Subba and DK Subba, Principal and proprietor of East Point SSS, guest poets from Khamdong, Yogendra Bahadhur Singh, mimicry artist from Lucknow and others. Recitation of poems along with cultural activates like singing and dancing are also presented on the occasion.

The event Basibiyalo held at Singtam every month in short time have capitulated the heart of people who come to witness this very unique musical and literary get together. The sole credit goes to Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” who on his speech said that this Basibiyalo is a platform for any youngsters who wants to showcase his or her talents ahead of any form of arts. In the past numerous singers, dancers, poets and writers had presented their performance and received praises from the crowds. Every month a particular head of the Basibiyalo is selected and is termed as “Gharpaatti” and the head of our family this time is Mrs. Ganga Pradhan said Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” in his speech. 

Since the 21st Basibiyalo meet, every month a personality is also felicitated and till now more than half a dozen personalities had been felicitated by Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” through Basibiyalo. This month popular Nepali musician Deo Kumar Dumi was honoured with a memento for his contribution towards Nepali music presented by Dr Rajendra Bhandari, the Chief Guest of the day.  Brief biography of the musician was read by Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj”. Speaking on the occasion Deo Kumar Dumi thanked the Basibiyalo group for the felicitation and wished everyone many more success in days to come. Dr. Bhandari in his speech appreciated the work done by the members of Basibiyalo and wished that the work they have started should continue for a long time. 

A special citation presentation also presented to Sunita Subba, Principal of East Point SSS for the recognisation received by the school at on recent Teacher’s Day Celebration at Gangtok. TB Pradhan gave the welcome speech while the vote of thanks was given by Nangshel Lhamu Sherpa. Lhamu Sherpa and Sushma Chettri, member of Spark NGO attending the program told that Basibiyalo has succeed in bringing colours in the field of entertainment at Singtam. People anxiously talk and like to participate in Basibiyalo, we are happy we are also part of it, both echoed.
Interesting and motivating Nepali poetry reciting was also done by young poets that included Dev Narayan Sharma, Mahesh Dahal, Chakrapani Bhattrai, Prakash Subedi “ Khamdungay” and Prahlad Poudyal. Also on the occasion poet Dev Narayan Sharma made a brief talk about the Maha KavyaLalupatey’ written by Maha Kavi Chakrapani Bhattarai.

Cultural rounds was highlighted by the heart rendering numbers sang by Indian Idol contestant Prakash Sundas from Gangtok, followed by brother-sister trio of Nimesh, Dinesh and Dhristi Dahal along with their band from Ralay Samdong. The dancers participating on the occasion gathered large roar from the crowds. Supriya Chettri, a small girl of 5 years was liked by everyone. Other dancers included Yankie Tamang, Monshikha Rai and group from Reyukai who entertained the audience with their performances. Standup comedians Kaziman Sunar and RP Sharma also enthralled the crowd with their laughter dose.  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Story: Those East Point days --1

Few days back Nirmika, my good old friend informed me about the Silver Jubilee of the formation of East Point Senior Secondary School, the next year. I could not hide my surprise how in a nip twenty four long years passed by.  Recently East Point Senior Secondary school received a certificate from Human Resource Development Department, Government of Sikkim for standing out among the best school in the State of Sikkim in Private Sectors to have contributed for the development of education; I was among the many who felt proud of that moment. I being associated with this school since its early days, I can proudly say I have seen this school grow from pillar to pillar. It really is proud moments to witness the school you have studied receive accolades. 

Some twenty four years back this esteemed school made its start from nowhere with just handful of dedicated teaching staffs and a visionary Principal Madam. The year was 1988 when I had just changed to new school East Point English School at Class V, as this school was earlier known as. I studied for three years till Class VII since that was the highest class at that time. When I recall my school days at EPES as the school was also known in short, I do remember preparing for Independence Day celebrations sweating under the August Sun, yoga classes, Bal Bikas classes, playing cricket, having fun with Ganesh Sir, Sanjay Sir and Raju Sir and many more. 

East Point English School is also a story of four friends me, Pema Tshring, Bhasker Gurung and Dipankar Gurung.  Interestingly we had been together since our kindergarten days. Bhasker left for St Javiers, Pakyong at Class VIII while rest of us studied together till Class XII (Singtam High School now Singtam SSS till Class X and than at TNSSS, Gangtok till Class XII).

I was not good in studies. My young innocence thought during those days was to be like “Lekhu” Mohan Gokhle’s serial shown on Doordarshan Television. I used to think in a different way used to ask lots of questions to the teachers that did made me ostracized by my teachers. I was good in General Knowledge subject; I still remember my juniors surrounding me in GK exam paper in hope that I could help them. Even to this day whenever I get chance to look upon my old school report card I cannot let my smile hide when I get to see the lines that reads- “Can do better but he is very careless”.
Off the many memories I had, I do wish to mention few incidents I find it very funny. But when it happened it wasn’t a fun. It was one of the Independence Day Inter House Sports Competition and I was there representing Green House in 400 metres. I believe I could be in Class VI at that time. We never had any practice session and we all got prepared to run the 400m finals. We were supposed to circle round the Mandi Bazaar ground four times and among the 5-6 participants I was the only one without an athlete body. I did manage to run two full rounds but at the closing end of the final round my body could not resist the fatigue I was suffering and I gave up in the middle of the race. As I was dragging myself towards my Green House camp I heard my house teacher telling her next teacher if he can’t run why he participated. He just dropped Green House‘s name. I could not believe what my House Teacher just told and it went straight in my heart as such that since Class VI till my graduation I never represented any of my institution. Today I laugh at my stupidity but these small memories makes a moment worth remembering.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Freedom fighter Savitri Devi with Indira Gandhi at Darjeeling

Indira Gandhi during 1977 at Richmond Hill, Darjeeling along with freedom fighter Savitri Devi (earlier known as Helen Lepcha)

 Autograph of freedom fighter Savitri Devi.

pic source:  Vinod Prakash Sharma

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sikkim Dance Ka Maha Mukabla all set for September 26th grand finale

The much awaited grand finale of the “Sikkim Dance ka Maha Mukabla” is all set to be held at Singtam Bazaar on September 26, 2010. The concluding part of the splendid show shall feature seven solo dancers and six group dancers shall have a tough competition for the top honour. The grand finale had to be postponed from its earlier date due to natural calamities that occurred in and around Singtam on the first week of this month. 

The major attraction of the program is the stage debut performance of Bisnu Suman in Sikkim. Bishnu Suman, originally from Delhi is the Director cum Dance Choreographer of New Heaven Dance Institute and also the man behind the entire idea of the show. “Sikkim Dance Ka Maha Mukabla” is a state level dance competition organised by Social Organization of Singtam in association with New Heaven Dance Institute under the banner of Red Panda Rover Crew, Singtam. 

The dance competition is of two categories where the winners of the Junior Category will be rewarded with Rs 10,000 while first runner-up shall be presented with Rs 5,000 along with trophies and certificates respectively. Similarly in the Senior Category, the bumper prize is Rs 25,000 while the first runner up shall be presented with Rs 15,000 along with trophies and certificates respectively.

Farewell ceremony held at Jali Power House

Singtam: A colourful farewell ceremony for retired employees of Energy & Power Department of Forebay Tank, Jali Power House at Sang Khola was held on September 11, 2010. Those retired employees included Lal Bahadhur Pandey, Parsuram Chettri, Siri Prasad Subba and Dil Bahadhur Gurung. Present on the occasion were staffs of Energy & Power Department of Forebay Tank, Jali Power House and others.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Prime Minister Morarji Desai inaugurates Secretariat Building at Tashilling, Gangtok

Prime Minister Morarji Desai along with Chief Minister of Sikkim Lhendup Dorjee (left) inaugurates the Secretariat Building by cutting the tape at Tashilling, Gangtok in Sikkim on April 9, 1979. 

 pic: timescontent

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Shiva Thapa with Jas Lal Pradhan at Gangtok, Sikkim

Shiva Thapa with Jas Lal Pradhan

Shiva Thapa with Praveen Pradhan and Jas Lal Pradhan

 Shiva Thapa with Shital Pradhan

 Shiva Thapa with Padam Thapa and Jas Lal Pradhan

Shiva Thapa was at Gangtok after winning a siver medal at Youth Olympics at Singapore. He met Jas Lal Pradhan, a boxing legend from Sikkim former Asian Games Gold medalist and an Arjuna Awardee.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Is Toppakhani Tunnel awaiting another mishap?

Wet walls of Toppakhani Tunnel
I first wrote about the water droplets dripping from the ceilings of the Toppakhani Tunnel few years back in my newspaper Himalayan Review. But i had seen no progress over the years from any where regarding the mishap that could happen if the ceilings of the Toppakhani Tunnel gets collapsed. With the recent landslides that affected the neighbouring regions of Singtam i fear the 80 year old motarable tunnel might not have a pretty sights in near future.  

Broken Statue of a leopard at the tip of the Toppakhani Tunnel

This time the water channel that runs over the head of the  8 decades old Toppakhani Tunnel had exploded letting huge rocks to fall on the road at the rip of the Tunnel damaging the statues of the  small park build on the other side of the road. Few of the stones that were used on the wall of the Tunnel has fallen off while the home of bats that has been living inside the dark tunnel that does not even have a lights are much lesser than it used to be few years back.