Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lingtam Dak Line

Today Lingtam, a half hour vehicle road from Rongli Bazaar is a silent wayside small village mostly forgotten by history. Today it is remembered by the tourists for its small Lingtam Police Check Post where the visitors and the vehicle needs to submit their “Permit Pass” to visit other other side of the road till Changu. Towards the end of 1880s, this place had continuous visitor in the army personnel related to British Expedition Forces that marched towards Gnathang, the Sikkim-Tibet Border.

The development of Sikkim had always evaded  this small place for most of the decades. Despite presence of exotic locales around this effortless landscape; one deserted house that lies just along the way side caught my fancied eye when I visited this place for the very first time. Between modern days concrete buildings lie a small wooden house empty from inside with broken planks. The small house was a post office once upon a time during British Expedition to Tibet. A place that transported the communication between the British Army people posted to the frontier of the remote world with the western world.  Interestingly, the post office is no more today and even the British issues are no more but only thing that remain even to this date is the name “ Dak Line” that means “ the area falling along the Dak Bunglow (Post office were earlier known as)”.