Tuesday, November 30, 2010

National flag of Independent Sikkim still flies but inside a cafeteria

I have always loved old stuffs and to be part of it is what i love the most. I had been to Baba Harbhajan Singh's mandir a little over dozen kilometer from the famed Changu Lake few times but each time i have tried myself to visit to a cafe nearby before i enter the mandir.  Never to take a sip of coffee at the height of 13,000 feet above sea level.  

The Cafe 13,000 as its names painted on its wall welcomes every visitor. Here in this cafeteria lies a piece of history. As far to my little knowledge this is the only place where i have seen  and  have touched the  royal flag of independent Sikkim. Each touch have given me a pride and a bond that it belongs to me. Three flags are kept side by side, off the two an Indian tri colour is kept slightly a step taller than the other two,obviously that do always hurt me. On the right side is the flag of the army and to its left is the royal flag of Namgyal Dynasty that ruled Sikkim for more than three decades. 

"The national flag of Sikkim consisted of a Buddhist khorlo prayer wheel with the gankyil as the central element. Until 1967, the previous flag showed a very complex design with a fanciful border and religious pictograms surrounding the khorlo. A more simple design was adopted in 1967 because of the difficulty in duplication of the complex flag. The border became solid red, the pictograms were removed and the wheel was redesigned."
Well friends i wish you people do visit and see this flag that is ours and shall always remain ours!!