Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of Proud to be a Sikkimese of March 2010

I believe this piece of article was more of a documentary as the title suggest "The Story of Sikkim". A part of a many story in opinions24x7 blog. The article gives a simple narration about Sikkim in brief. What i liked the most was the annexation part and as in my part what i see i share. So this interesting piece of extract is provided here which did touched my heart especially the "letter" send by our Chogyal (King) to Indira Gandhi when Sikkim Royal Palace was attacked by the Indian Army .

High profile case better you don’t speak was told on phone- Father

Sikkim Rock Star, dance and singing based musical show keeping up its promises has sent two of its participants to the auditions of the Indian Idol 5 and Junior Dance India Dance respectively. The show organised by Singbell GPU Construction Cooperative Society Ltd is in its final stage and grand finale is schedule to be held on the last week of April, the coming month.  The music completion had been categorized into three categories that include solo dance, group dance and vocal competition. The music competition had been limited to Hindi and Nepali music only. Winners of both competitions receive the sum of Rs 25,000 each and an opportunity to participate at auditions of National musical shows.

It was an opportunity for me to be part of the recently held Two Days Seminar on Strategy for Heritage Management for Sikkim organised by the Cultural Department at Denzong Residency, Gangtok that i did not wanted to miss.  It was my dedication towards understanding the old days of Sikkim that gave me a chance to have a closer look about what has been going on or I would rather say what the higher officials were thinking about Sikkim History as a whole; this was also my first foray into the big league. I was happy to be among the learned personalities of Sikkim, sitting beside them and taking note on what they were talking on.  It was more than an honour for me (as a student of Sikkim History) to be invited and could interact with the officials out there. The meet though left many unanswered questions but I am sure in days to come, the quest to preserve the story of Sikkim for the coming generations shall have some definite outcome. 

Ever since the search for Heritage Trees started in Sikkim, I was very curios to be part of this competition. I still remember when the first preliminary results was published in one of the local dailies of Gangtok, the headline of the report read like “Can this record be broken”. More than two months later I seem to have the reply.