Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of Proud to be a Sikkimese of February 2010

I am looking for the family members of late Bimshamsir Pradhan from Gangtok who left India and stayed in Sarawak, Malaysia. He went to Malaysia in 1961. He was married to Rohani (her other name is Pawi) and also have a daughter Lolita Bhimshamsir Pradhan. He was in Gorkha Regiment that went to Malaysia.

  First MP of Sikkim passes away 

The first Lok Sabha member from Sikkim, SK Rai passed away today morning at his residence here at 6th Mile, Tadong after a prolonged illness.

When i was Decius Brutus for a day ?

The drama for me was my first attempt on English lingo and that was enough to give myself a jerk. My comfort level on being selected to play the role of Decius Brutus, one of the conspirators was enough to give fright to my small heart from day one was not I would love to talk about. Interestingly in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Decimus Brutus is mistakenly called "Decius" but as I was told that I was Decius it was ok for me. The only thing I wanted to do was to challenge myself that I can conquer my long dragged crowd phobia. I had always kept myself wrapped within myself and above all I want to set free myself and enjoy the other side of the life. I can say this training period did help ease my confidential level a bit. 

Should STNM Hospital be shifted ?

I am sharing those comments from the topic i had in Face book "Should STNM Hospital be shifted ?"