Monday, December 20, 2010

Sikkim Raffle receipt of 1960

Sikkim history always surprises me. more i feel that i am getting to know it properly it provides me a surprises. In this regard i found a receipt of Sikkim Raffle that was for H.R. Charities Fund, Gangtok Sikkim. The receipt belonged to the year 1960. The back page of the paper had the photographs of the previous winners and the winners were presented drafts of Rs 45,000 that was increased to Rs 75,000. It is interesting to read that the draft presentations of those winners were done at New Delhi and Kanpur. 

The prize money had been guaranteed under Sikkim Government Bankers, the first seven prizes was paid through the State Bank of India, Darjeeling. The Raffle Draw was  authorised by the Govt. of Sikkim under No. 11- GS/1/59 dated 2-4-59 along with authorisation of Government of India.

The strange thing for me was that Kanchenjunga magazine of 1972 wrote " The first lottery draw in Sikkim was held on 4th of April 1972, where the first prize was the amount of 1,00,000 and an ambassador vehicle while the second prize was awarded to two winners, the amount of 10,000 and an air trip from India to America."