Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Best of Proud to be a Sikkimese of January 2010

Mrs. Saroja Pradhan from Harkamaya College of Education , Tadong, Sikkim and Mr. Umesh Pradhan from Damber Singh College, Tadong, Sikkim was chosen to witness the Republic Day parade from the VVIP box at Rajpath in New Delhi. Mrs Saroja Pradhan, has done her M Ed from Harkamaya College of Education in the year 200-8-2009, was the topper in her batch scoring 75.88%. Umesh Pradhan, a student of Damber Sing College  in the session 2008-09, was also the topper with 71% .

The River Teesta for the people of Singtam obviously has greater outlook attached towards it. Even I recall myself growing along with the Teesta River at Singtam; playing with its waves at river banks. I even have another sentimental attachment with the great river when I ended up the last walk of my mother’s funeral at its river bank as most of the others do. From the summer off cool breeze to the festive occasions celebrated across the river bank at Singtam, now it seems more of a distant part of that glorious past. But now…where is the river?

We never knew since how long these Sikkim sky show up had been on Sikkim air? I had been writing on my “Proud to be a Sikkimese” about it. I had collected series of so called mysterious “thick white cloudy trails” from different part of Sikkim. Earlier reports came from Ravangla, Singtam, Namthang and even Gangtok, apart from that there were reports of such sightings from far off places like Central Pandam, Parakha, Machong and Sang Martam. The witnesses reported of having seen something “white” on sky that moved in a straight line with cloudy trails, which finally disappeared into the sky.

Rusma Rai, a Sikkimese actress was in a news for her film "Mission love in Sikkim". She had jumped down 120 feet from a Fistel Air Helicopter in one of the stunt scene. To her comparison actor Nikhil Upreti known for his stunt that has great demand in Nepali film had jumped only from 50 feet height.