Saturday, January 29, 2011

Proud to be a Sikkimese: My homage to my Sikkim-i

My fascination with Sikkim History started in early 2003 after I completed my graduation from Sikkim Government College, Tadong where I joined the famed newspaper Weekend Review at Gangtok and since then there is no looking back for me. Over the last seven years I am fortunate to have my articles published in reputed newspapers and magazines of Sikkim and few from North Bengal too. My query to know more about the Sikkim’s past made me visit different corners of the state. Visiting those sacred places I find myself blessed to have born to this place, a heaven on earth.

Blogging for me started in 2005; as a result “Proud to be a Sikkimese” was born. Proud to be a Sikkimese is my homage to my Sikkim and contains collection of articles and essays I had written over the years more prominently about Sikkim History. The technology of Internet has helped writers like share my work with people across the globe and it gives a pleasure of satisfaction to know that my articles have helped people understand about Sikkim’s past. Over more than one lakh people across the globe have gone though my blog and I am happy, my small effort has paid off.  Every day I get more than 300 visitors who go through my blog.

On numerous occasions I have received mails from people to whom I never know and it is nice when they congratulate me for the work on Sikkim’s past I do through my blog Proud to be a Sikkimese. Over the last one year I have exchange mails or messages with the unbelievable personalities (atleast to me!!) involved with Sikkim History in Prince Palden and Hope Leezum Namgyal (Son and Daughter of Late Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal), Claire M Jordan (Grand Daughter of Elisa Maria, wife of LD Kazi), Horst Geerken and Ulrich Bihlmayer (with whom Late Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal talked at HAM about Political unrest of merger), author like Sunanda K Dutta-Ray and the list continues with many unsung heroes of Sikkim History who have helped popularize my blog.

Today my blog Proud to be a Sikkimese has given me an identity as a student of Sikkim History and is well read and followed as I am told by my readers! I have always believed in sharing information, more I share more I learn about my Sikkim was my motive behind which I started my blog Proud to be a Sikkimese. I am delighted I have succeeded in my goal and I shall ever remain grateful towards people who have helped me build an encyclopedia of Sikkim. Proud to be a Sikkimese is the next Wikipedia of Sikkim where you get familiar with parts of Sikkim History that have long lost their existence to the wheel of clock. Also found in my blog are articles on genuine Sikkim, ones that has never been published elsewhere. The complete stories of Sikkim Rocket Mail Experiment 1935, Ham Radio of Late Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal, the first map of Sikkim along with rare classic photographs of Sikkim are only found in my blog.