Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Angalo Yo Maya Ko reaches Singtam Basibiyalo

Singtam: Much anticipated Nepali film “Angalo Yo Maya Ko” made from Sikkim starring Indian Idol winner Prashant Tamang is set for a grand premiere at Vajra on March 31, 2011. The lead actors and actress are busy promoting the film in different places of the state.  Five members of the film units were present at Basibiyalo, a monthly literary meet to promote their film. Mahendra Gurung, the other lead actor after Prashant Tamang was present on the occasion along with Praja Pradhan (actor and Assistant Director), Gita Sharma (singer), Bindhya Singh and Payal Prasad (actresses).
Mohan Pradhan “Neeraj” from Basibiyalo Singtam welcomed the guests on the stage and introduced them to the gathered crowds. The five member film unit were offered Khadas by Ugyen T Gyatso Bhutia, Sikkim Government Chief Whip and MLA from Tumin-Lingee, the Chief Guest of the day. Speaking on the occasion Mahendra Gurung appealed to the gather audience to watch the Nepali film “Angalo Yo Maya Ko” that will be premiered on March 31st. Gurung went on to say that technically Angalo Yo Maya Ko is all set to make a record for becoming the first Silicon 2k HD Nepali Film to be made and released in India. The Surround Sound technique of the film is another new technology the people will be witnessing for the first time in a Nepali film in Sikkim, he said.

Talking about the theme of the film, Gurung went on to say that the film provides a social message beautifully woven in picturesque locations of Sikkim. The film deals with the relationship between parents and their children, their misunderstanding, their affection and the feelings they share for each other, said Gurung. Mahendra Gurung told that the best part of the film is its beautiful storyline and well supported film units that had worked hard. “The film is also special for me since it gave me an opportunity to act along with an International celebrity Prashant Tamang and I shall ever remain grateful to Kishore Dungmali Rai, the Producer of the film” said Gurung.

Except for Mahendra Gurung, rest of the four film unit members was from Singtam. Payal Prasad who had typed the entire script in nepali had also acted in a small role said that she was happy to be part of this movie but in jest said that it was easier to type rather than to act. Bindhya Singh, the budding actress from Singtam who had done couple of music videos found lost of words when asked about her reaction about the movie that is to be released in couple of day time. Bindhya Singh told she is crossing her fingers and hoped that people appreciates her acting skills in the movie.

Gita Sharma had sung a romantic duet with Sagar Bal in the movie and she said that the song is beautifully scored and she expects a lot from the song and wish that the film does well and also her song. She wish to thank Gangaa Mukhiya, noted singer composer from Singtam for helping her in this particular song. Praja Pradhan, the actor and the Assistant Director of the film said that the movie Angalo Yo Maya Ko gave him an opportunity to grow as an actor and made him learn more about film making.  

TB Pradhan, representing Singtam Basibiyalo wished the entire team of Angalo Yo Maya Ko for a grand success and thanked the film unit for their presence at Basibiyalo.