Sunday, March 13, 2011

Danny and his 'Cheese seller' humour

This was an interesting read about our Agya Danny I came across today. In this piece of page from an old hindi film magazine an anecdote is mentioned about Danny Denzongpa in which it writes that once Danny was traveling in a plane and while getting accustomed with an Oxford return Indian who pretended not to know him. Danny had introduced him to be from Kathmandu and made Yak Cheese that was exported worldwide. The person seated beside him had his jaw slumped and Danny continued to tell the man more about Cheese until the person had enough of his foolishness and fell at Danny’s feet and told that he knew that, he was talking to no other than “Danny”. Danny denies and continues his word and says….he looks like him (Danny) and he had been told by people before!  Agya you are simply amazing......always love you!!