Thursday, March 17, 2011

SDF Youths continue to spread messages against social evils

SINGTAM: Gangaa Mukhia and Karma Gyurmey, SDF youths from Singtam and Pandam continuing with their last week mission to spread messages of social evils this week visited Dikchu Secondary School, Makha Secondary School along with social clubs and NGOs of that area.       
These two SDF youths are among the two dozen SDF youths that had been visiting different corner of the state to spread the message of prevention and precaution to fight against social evils like drugs and Aids.

Gangaa Mukhia and Karma Gyurmey interacted with the students, teachers and the villagers and helped them make awareness of the consequences that lead to disarray among the family and society due to rise of drug abusers and lack of information regarding aids. The school authority had congratulated the duo of Gangaa Mukhia and Karma Gyurmey for such generosity in visiting the schools with such positive social purposes, as written in their visitor book.

Gangaa Mukhia told it is the students that are the future of our Sikkim who needs to be made aware of such social diseases and we all are making a mission to visit every schools throughout Sikkim and set up our state as an example for others and eradicate such social ills from the roots.