Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sikkim’s Angalo Yo Maya Ko to be the India’s first screened Nepali film at multiplex

Singtam: After a grand two week show at Vajra Cinema Hall in Gangtok, much talked about Nepali film Angalo Yo Maya Ko produced by Kishor Dungmali from Mazhitar, Sikkim is ready to be released at Siliguri Multiplex. According to the information received from Kishore Dungmali, Producer of the film, AYMK shall be screened from April 22 at Cinemax Sevin Plaza, Siliguri. This is for the first time in India that a Nepali film shall be screened on multiplex. Prashant Tamang, lead actor of the movie shall also be present on the occasion, he added.
Kishore Dungmali felt proud that his film was well appreciated by the people and said that the film AYMK has opened a door for a film business in Sikkim. If our works are sincere and well organized, we all can make a better movie and make a name for Sikkim in movie world. Dungamali added.  He further said he wished every people around should watch this movie with their family, this movie provides a social message and talk about the change we need to have to create a better society for tomorrow. AYMK shall also be shown at few places of Sikkim viz Singtam, Namchi, Rongli and others in coming days, he further added.
AYMK has been able to create a buzz among the cinema goers at Sikkim and since last one decade this is the only film that has been successfully shown for a two continuous week.  This film shall travel to cinema halls at Nepal in couple of months and to other places abroad as well is being discussed.
Movie lovers after watching this movie have appreciated the story and its presentation. Vinod Sereng’s direction and Yuvraj Rai’s camera work had been much talked about. Music of Issac Chettri is also well received.  In the acting forefront the much talk name is Prashant Tamang and Bijayata Baraily.
Acting in her very first film, Bijayata Baraily has won the heart of audiences with her flawless acting skills. The role of Jasmine, portrayed by Bijayata Baraily has been at the lips of crowds.  Prashant is a wonder boy, the critics had been kept into silence who said Prashant can’t act, Prashant Tamang has given two back to back hit films and his own individual acting skills has received accolades. Cheers to Prashant, said Praveen Pradhan, after watching the movie at Vajra. Other characters to stand out are Harshika Shrestha, Mahendra Gurung, Prem Subba and Mahendra Bagdas, Mahendra Bajagai
Bijayata Baraily talking to this reporter said that when I was working in the film I never thought about the hit or the flop of the movie, I just wanted to give my best and I wanted people to appreciate my effort but the rush at the cinema hall and its response made me surprise. At the end of the day I am very pleased to know my work is well appreciated.
Mahendra Gurung, the second lead actor of the film from Gangtok said, being my debut film, I am very happy to go through the responses of the film. The success of the film is also due to its technical sound that made major differences, cannot be ignored.  The film had received rave reviews at Kathmandu Press and we can expect some better news from there too. The film shall be screened at Tel Aviv, Israel, the next month added Gurung.