Monday, May 23, 2011

Posakay School connects a computer; welcomes 3 new teachers

Rongli, May 21: In a joyous mood and environment, the teachers and students of Posakay Primary School greeted their three new teachers in a welcome program at their school. The three new teachers were LK Sharma, NK Pradhan and Mrs. CD Sharma

Mr. Chador Bhutia, Assistant Director, Regu BAC was the Chief Guest of the day. Also present on the occasion were Head Masters of different schools that included  NT Bhutia of Chunbhatti PS, RB Chettri of  Lungchok PS, GT Lepcha of Lok Dara PS and DB Pradhan of Gangyap PS.  Other than that NK Pradhan, member of Zilla Panchayat, Sumitra Sewa, Panchayat Vice President, Shital Pradhan, PRT Teacher of Dalapchand Secondary School along with all the SMC members were also there on the function.

The other highlight of the day was the installation of a computer at the school was contributed by the Head Master Amrit Thakuri along with Tsewang Choden Sherpa, Teacher, and the two local villagers Tula Ram Gurung and Srijana Pradhan. Chador Bhutia, the Chief Guest officially opened the computer system in presence of the distinguished guests.

In an inaugural speech, Amrit Thakuri welcomed the guests and thanked the HRD Department for providing them three teachers that were very essential for the school. Further he said that since 2009 he and Tsewang Choden Sherpa had been running the school adjusting with the difficulties that came along. He is happy the way school is shaping off. In 2009 there were only 29 students and today we have 74 enrolments, this shows the efficiency of the hard work we had put on, he said.

Among the newly appointed teachers, LK Sharma in his speech told that in his long service of teaching career, he had found the environment of the school out here among the best he had seen.  He appreciated the work of Amrit Thakuri, HM and Tsewang Choden Sherpa, the other teacher for making this small primary school an example for other. “This is a Government School but you find here an environment of a private school, a total English medium free of cost.” The best part of the school is the way the senior students guide their young ones. The only thing that the school requires is an addition of one more teacher, Sharma added. He also urged the distinguished guests present on the occasion to make an arrangement for the Chief Minister’s visit to this school too.
NK Pradhan, Zilla Panchayat Member spoked about the improvement that is required for the development of the school and assured the school authority more help.  He said he is happy with the school’s performance in comparison to other school and wish to work together for more betterment of the school.
NT Bhutia, National Awardee Teacher and the Headmaster of Chunbhatti PS, said that he had long heard about the Posakay Primary School and he is happy to be here. Amrit Thakuri, Headmaster of the Posakay Primary School was my student at primary level and I am very proud of him for his dedication and progress in setting an example among schools. He said to get a better quality education as in the urban areas in this small and remote place, it is the dedication of Headmaster and we do need more such Headmaster. We have taken the responsibility of the students and we need to do our “karma”. We should be dedicated to our work and help Sikkim move to better tomorrow.
Chador Bhutia, Assistant Director, Regu BAC in his speech congratulated the school teachers and students for the Computer. He said Posakay Primary School is the third school among Regu BAC to set up Computers at School but Posakay Primary School holds distinction that the computers are not bought from Department Grants; it has been totally installed by the Head master and his staffs of the school. As per the enrolment of the school the additional rooms and electrification for the school shall be provided very soon, Bhutia added. Bhutia expressed happiness of the mid day menu board that was tied on the school wall. He talked about the formation of Parents Mother Associations that shall have a parents of a student visiting the school and comment on the food that is served to the students during mid day meal.
He urged the Headmasters present on the occasion to give preference to Chief Minister’s Special Merit Scholarship scheme. He further said that Posakay School and Chunbhatti School had been a pride of Regu BAC this year and I would like to congratulate them.